3. The Search for Magiq: Cataclysm

To discuss the cataclysm and the ongoing Search for Magiq.


I spent the morning writing in the tower overlooking Flinter’s Glen in Neithernor.

I was keeping an eye on my watch (have to bring an analog watch as my digital one goes nuts in NN) because I wanted to meet up @Catherine in the office before she left for the day, so I started packing up.

I was leaving the tower via the City Hall Station door (the only way to access it as far as I know), and I always knock open the door and prop it open for a second to make sure no one’s on a tour or security’s doing a round. The coast was clear, so I went to grab my bag from the desk, when I heard the chair I used to prop the door open start to break.

It happened so fast, I didn’t have time to process. I scrambled over the chair and hit the floor on the other side as the chair basically exploded into splinters and the door slammed shut. I tried to knock back in for almost an hour, but couldn’t get it to work. My bag is still there with my notebook, my phone, my writing, my wallet… All trapped in Neithernor.

When I finally walked back to the office, I saw @Tinker’s post. Which she posted within ten minutes of the door slamming shut on me.

I’m worried that whatever happened to the nymph and the City Hall door are connected.


That’s… not good. So did the nymph freak out because Neithernor was freaking out? Is that what’s happening here? And why would Neithernor freak out?


Sorry. I should probably be more concerned about you and your work, but Flinterbrain says “how does this work? What made the thing do the thing?”


I completely understand. I can replace most of my stuff, I’m more concerned about the bigger implications.

Is the part that made my heart stop.


The doors out are being shut. Looks like whoever it is closed the loopholes.


Okay that’s very spooky. I was worried that I’d done something wrong when I took the note, but now I’m worried on a whole new level! If you can’t knock back into Neithernor…and my courier got forcibly noped out…I’m not optimistic that we’re going to be able to contact anyone else again.


I encourage others to try, but I cast an encanterance an hour ago thinking the same thing you’re all thinking. No bell rang. No courier came.

We can’t have lost Neithernor. We can’t.
If it’s this wall, the cataclysm is the priority then. Right?


Sorry, I should be the calm voice of reason, but I’m freaking out.


I feel like this was the last of the Neithercouriers. I mean we talked about this type of communication not lasting forever, so it’s expected but… it makes me really sad. They were strange but cute.

But…not only the Neithercouriers but Neithernor itself?

This is starting to scare me. Now, not only are we being walled out from the others, but if we’re even starting to lose magiq… It feels like the walls are shrinking. We’re running out of time. Let’s just hope this cataclysm spell works.


I think at this point it’s weird to not want to freak out a bit :cagsko:


Well, we have a direction, if it doesn’t work then I think we’re out of outside options. It looks like it’s all on us now, Mounties.


I’m adding the latest message from the Searchers here, just so we can continue the discussion.


Another instance where whoever is responding from the sanctuary changes from “we” to “I”.


:tinfoilhat: I’m just about to pass out, but before I do let me secure my tinfoil hat for a second to bring up a theory that just snapped into my mind:

You guys remember the protection we put on the forums? What if it’s working too well, and if it is, then what if we get yet more feedback than we’re already likely to get from trying to disrupt it?


Ok, this is a super weird question but like…do you think we know this person? Or they know us? They did say they were once a Mountaineer. Or…maybe they’re just exceptionally nice and our correspondences were enough to make them determined to help us. I dunno, it’s too bad we’re cut off from contacting them. It’d be nice to know more about who they are.


This again makes me think that it’s a fallen Mounty from our past


You mean from the 1990s? :brandonthinking: It’s possible, we don’t really know what happened to them years after the Storm hit.

I dunno if it’d be one of us though. Unless by fallen you mean they quit. There is only one Mountaineer who…fell…during our time here… :eavessweat:


The thought that it could be a '94… That someone else survived the Storm.


So…it sounds like Port and Alison are on their way to the Searchers/the sanctuary/something…but where did Aether go???