Wiki: Steve the Balimoran

Steve the Balimoran, also known as Steve from Balimora or simply Steve, is a Mountaineer and known trickster in the Briarverse.


Steve is well known for his mischievous personality and love of playing pranks on other guildies. His most common prank is tricking people into consuming potions that give them antlers, and he enjoys creating antler-based pranks. He has also been known to liberate magimystic goldfish and build chairs out of antlers. Although Steve takes the Balimoran dedication to chaos quite literally, his pranks are more annoying than they are dangerous.


Steve first appeared on the forums as a collaboration between users OracleSage and Robert. When discussing Guild solstice events, OracleSage said “I’ll admit Balimora does have Stellar Solstice events. This one time, this guy gave me a funny green drink… and let’s just say those antlers took FOREVER to magiq off.” And Robert responded with “Yeah…that was Steve. We keep telling him ‘Again with the antlers? Do something different, we’re supposed to be chaotic!’ And Steve’s just like ‘Nah, that’s just what they’d be expecting me to do.’ Steve has his moments of wisdom.” Mountaineers continued to tell tales of his exploits, often involving antlers and sketchy potions.

Out of World

On May 12, 2017, Steve became canonized by CJ Bernstein, who used him to share information from his Secret Work tier on Patreon. Steve gained his own profile, and began posting in the Exploration section of the Basecamp 33 Forum.

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