Wiki: The Collector


The Collector is a position of power that makes decisions on the Faith, along with the First Council and The Acolytes.


Information on the Collector was given to recruits by Steve the Balimoran in his post “As from your grave rise up, and walk like sprites.” Further information was given to recruits in “You won’t find this quote on google.”


Constance Barrett

Constance Barrett is considered the first Collector. She was born in Marlborough, England in 1762. She inherited the title following the tragic events of 1780, which destroyed most of the records held by The Order. Specifically, all records of previous Collectors were destroyed.

Her role as Collector remained a secret while she was still in office, as was the case for all of her successors. Her tenure was best remembered for her bravery and adventure-like spirit. She traveled widely, and gathered a great deal of information for The Order.

Taking into account her various innovations during her 45 years as Collector, she came to be seen as the one who brought the Order into the modern age.

Imala Locklear

Imala Locklear was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1900.

Imala is the youngest Collector on record, becoming Collector at just 13 years of age. She also died tragically young. Taking on the role at such an early age meant that she had to trust the advice of the First Council. Although she was a skilled learner, absorbing the teachings and Faith quickly, her position was constantly under threat.

Struggles in this new age led to temporary divisions in the Houses. In time, the Order slowly slipped into chaos, culminating in the violent accident that took Imala’s life. The Houses came together as a result of the accident, united in grief and shame. It is believed that Imala left a series of divine secrets within each of the Houses, to ensure such divisions would not threaten The Faith again.

Alison Bouchard

Alison Bouchard was born in Angouleme, France in 1813.

Alison maintained a deep mystical faith, and took the Order back to its deepest and most primal roots, in order to solidify its purpose.

Coming to the role in 1843 and holding it for 20 years, Alison at first based herself in Poitiers, but quickly had to move north, due to harassment from local authorities. She housed herself in a series of secret caves, beneath Mont St Michael, off the coast of Normandy. She did not spend much time off the island, instead preferring to use members of The Order to communicate with the outside world. Her focus was on learning and teaching, strengthening The Order for future generations.

On the rare occasions when she did emerge, to meet members of The Order, she always spoke through an interpreter, a young British woman by the name of Emily Pennyweather. Although Alison had a husband and several children in her early years, she abandoned her previous life and developed a very close and loving relationship with Emily during her time as Collector. Alison’s death was premature and unexpected. She died of an embolism on New Year’s Eve, 1863.

While Ms. Pennyweather was distraught at the time, she knew how important the work of The Order was, so she personally accompanied the collected works of the faith to New York, bringing them into the care of the next Collector. There, Ms. Pennyweather was invited to stay on in the role of key advisor to The Collector until her own death 15 years later.

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