Wiki: The Faith

Spiritual System

The Faith is the name for the practices and beliefs of The Order.



There are many books that form the scripture of The Order. All disciples are expected to read and practice the teachings contained within the core texts, and to actively study and understand the supplementary texts.

The core texts are as follows:

  • The Scroll of Houses
  • Book of Sighs
  • Exchanges

The supplementary texts are as follows:

  • Book of Lazaum
  • Book of John
  • Book of Transformations
  • Prophecies of the Faerd
  • The Wells of the West


The essential rituals cover the phases of Entry, Initiation, and Transformation.

Entry occurs at any of the four solstices/equinoxes. The ritual is a joyous occasion involving a number of songs and passage recitals. The Collector is advised of all new members who partake in the ritual and their names are entered in The Register.

Initiation is a more prolonged period, involving the consumption of the five delicacies and the practice known as ‘filing for belonging.’ It is a time of great excitement, centered upon meeting the members of your Royal House.

Transformation is an annual ritual, the full extent of which is only known by The Collector.


The Oaths are passages from the core scripture. They are read at moments of reflection, protection, and concealment.

The Oath of Wings is the most widely used of these passages, and has many uses. The Oath of Danaid is another popular work. Oaths are revealed to disciples as they progress with their studies.


There are many periods of celebration, during any given year. A number of these coincide with (or indeed are the same as) the festivals and holy days that can be found in both pagan and modern monotheistic religions.

Each Royal House has its own calendar of festivities, all of which contain the central festival days of Eastfall, Saturnalia, and Wellswatch.


The Faith was first introduced to recruits by Steve the Balimoran, in his post, “I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner.”