Wiki: Sound of the Storm


Sound of the Storm was one of four spells cast in Fragment Fifteen to take down the Storm.


The Sound of the Storm was an altered version of the Lantern of Low Hollow spell, used to account for multiple lantern bearers. Each of the lantern bearers would light a candle and chant one of the lines in the Lantern of Low Hollow incantation. One central lantern bearer was chosen, and all of the other lantern bearers would rally around them.


During the casting of the spell, the lantern bearers had their account hijacked, and posted the commands of the Storm: “Find a way in. Seek them all out. Take their minds. Til none remain who know.” The lantern bearers held the line while the storytellers in Telling the Tallest Tale chanted the story to Nate Fallon in the eye of the Storm. The spell successfully allowed the Mountaineers to momentarily take control of the Storm so they could exchange The Little Red House for the Book of Briars.