Wiki: Lion's Heart

Lion’s Heart is the headquarters of Basecamp 34.


Lion’s Heart is an ancient castle in Hungary where Eaves and the rest of those who had sought magiq at the Sanctuary retreated after being discovered and pursued by the Silver. Eaves nicknamed it “their very own Helm’s Deep,” and it became the official headquarters of Basecamp 34 at the end of the Search for Magiq.

One of the local women, Rasia, told Eaves privately that many in the local village and surrounding towns don’t even know about the castle at all, but that her ancestors said “good things happen when wanderers find their home in the palace on the mountain.”

Though it had no heat, electricity, running water, or insulation when they arrived, Rasia told Eaves that there had once been beautiful, heavy tapestries that lined the walls and kept in the warmth.

In February 2020, Eaves and the others discovered a historical record of the castle that listed its name as “Oroszlánszív.” He didn’t know if it was someone’s name specifically or just a name, but it translated roughly to “The Lion’s Heart.”


Lion’s Heart was chosen for its remote location and for the strength of its wards, which Eaves describes as “ironclad.” It is also, notably, a well. According to Eaves, the members of Basecamp 34 only fill a quarter of the rooms, but they spent the months following their arrival repairing and renovating the castle, including setting up solar power electricity and satellite internet.