Wiki: Basecamp 34

Basecamp 34 refers to the organization of magimysts and magic-seekers residing at Lion’s Heart, led by Eaves.


The members of Basecamp 34 were originally the members of the Sanctuary, a peaceful place whose purpose was to protect all those who searched for magic, regardless of magimystic ability, and help bring about the new age. They were forced to leave the Sanctuary after they were discovered by the Silver, and traveled for six weeks to reach safety at Lion’s Heart. They were ambushed by the Silver along the way, and lost their leader, the herald. Eaves became the de facto leader once they reached the castle, and there, due to its location atop a mountain in Hungary, they agreed that they wanted to become honorary Mountaineers and dubbed themselves Basecamp 34. With Eaves as the main point of contact, Basecamps 33 and 34 continued to work together to unlock the Book of Briars.

Known Members

Known members currently residing at Basecamp 34 are Eaves, Portencia, Yuridia, Gav, and Theo.