Wiki: Yuridia

Yuridia, or Yuri, is a magimystic adept and a member of Basecamp 34.


Yuridia is one of the magimystical adepts currently residing at Lion’s Heart, and was a former member of the Sanctuary. She was first mentioned during the Search for Magiq, as one of the adepts who was able to sense the Mountaineers when they cast the Cataclysm, and who assisted Alison in the development of the Peering Arts spell.

Magimystic Abilities

Before the Book of Briars began, Yuridia’s adept power was being able to sense currents of magiq in the world. She was able to sense the Silver’s efforts at “magimystic echolocation” when they were hunting the Sanctuary, and she was also able to sense the elemental power of the alchemical symbols the Mountaineers wore during their elemental disruption campaign against the Silver like “echoes around the world.”

On Halloween night, as the members of the Sanctuary neared safety at Lion’s Heart, Yuridia said that there’s “a kind of invisible door in the world that opens for part of the year, and when it does, magic and ideas are more powerful. The time between Imbolc and Samhain is when ‘the door opens,’ and it’s a time of change and flourishing, and the adverse time is a quiet time of reflection and stillness.” She said they were all entering the stillness, a time before the door opens again, and that when it does, the Book of Briars will be written, and the new age will finally be born, and we will know everything it took to make it so.

One morning in January 2020, she woke to find that the currents of “free magic,” all the wild energy in the world that can be utilized to bring about change, was finally gone. She said it was like waking up to find she’d gone blind in the middle of the night, and all of the other adepts at Lion’s Heart woke to find their powers gone as well. She could still sense the existence of magic that had been hoarded by groups like the Silver, but there was no longer a running current of free magic in the world.

After the Book of Briars opened, Yuridia was one of the many adepts who felt her powers drastically changed, likening the way her abilities were now functioning as “hearing a whisper in a loud, pitch-black room and trying to find its source in the dark when she used to have a flashlight.” As they worked to discover how both magic and their adept powers worked in the new age, she and Portencia developed a special bond, which Eaves called “a big sis/little sis vibe.”

Through her continued meditations with Portencia, the two discovered that if they meditated together, their powers became better focused, melding into a clearer vision for both of them. This is a clear departure from how adepts used to work. Yuridia explained that their power in the new age seems to be “much less powerful, but more synergistic,” and likened the new approach to tapping into magicystic energy to “a new way of thinking.”