Wiki: Fragment Six

Fragment Six: Galluskulk


Fragment Six led the recruits on a journey through Bernard Sleigh’s Map of Fairyland. As Deirdre continued to study her father’s journal, bits and fragments of information revealed themselves to her. Not knowing what to make of these, she posted them to her blog. Some were obscure numbers, some were descriptions, and another was a drawing of a pointing man.

The Mountaineers quickly determined that these were hints, leading to locations in Fairyland. Over the course of many weeks, they pored through world myths, maps, legends, Russian folklore, and even the fairy tales they were told as children. One by one, obscure clues were tied to spots on the map. As they identified these places, something entirely new happened: the Book of Briars itself began verifying their correct attempts. This marked the first time the Book had taken a direct interest in their work, and it was a very welcome indication that they were on the right track.

As the recruits continued identifying locations, Lauren noticed that her journal from Sullivan Green was beginning to display something new on its ‘Yule’ page. The page now displayed ten blank spaces, and as the recruits found locations, these spaces began to fill with letters. It seemed the ten locations the recruits sought were not just places on a map, but components of something larger. In the end, ten locations were found, and ten letters were uncovered. Rearranging these letters led them to the sixth fragment, Galluskulk.