Wiki: Deeds Done


Deeds Done was Deirdre Green’s blog, where she recorded the process of inheriting her father, Sullivan Green’s, estate.


Deeds Done was founded on January 1, 2016, by Deirdre Green. Deirdre created the blog after a breakup with her long-term boyfriend, David. Her posts were initially about mundane aspects of her life, like her job, her family, and her breakup, but her posting habits changed dramatically when she inherited her father’s estate. Since then, her posts have encompassed her family’s heritage, her unusual experiences in New York City, and eventually her own globetrotting journey in search of The Monarch Papers.


Deeds Done was extremely helpful to The Mountaineers at the start of The Monarch Papers. By discovering Deirdre, Sullivan Green’s heir, the Mountaineers made great progress towards unlocking the early fragments. Deirdre’s post, “All That Remains,” led to the discovery of Cole Sumner’s blog, and the name of the Fragment One - Fraylily. In “Miss Havisham Takes a Tumble,” it was revealed that King Rabbit’s work was provided in exchange for Deirdre’s pocket watch. Fragment Three was solved with the help of several lines of a poem, posted by Deirdre.

Deirdre assisted the Mountaineers yet again in Phase Two, with Fragment Five’s website link being hidden in a post titled “The Big Idea and the Real Reality.” Directions necessary for Fragment Six were posted in “Out of Sync and What to Do.”

After the end of The Monarch Papers, Deirdre stopped posting on Deeds Done, both due to the fact that she had completed her search for Sullivan’s journal, and because she was traveling with Cole in Neithernor, and therefore no longer had internet access.