Wiki: Fragment One

Fragment One: Fraylilly


Sullivan Green, once the owner of Ackerly Green Publishing and later a recluse, was long thought by The Mountaineers to be the key to uncovering the truth about magiq being hidden from the world. When he passed away in 2016, the Mountaineers were afraid that their last hopes had been destroyed until they discovered he had a daughter.

After some investigation, the Mountaineers discovered the identity of Sullivan’s daughter, Deirdre, by finding her blog “Deeds Done.” Deirdre never knew her father and had only a few scattered childhood memories of him, having been left to be raised by an aunt in Ireland when she was very young. Deirdre flew to New York City to attend to her father’s last wishes and discovered he had left her a pocket watch, a well-worn journal, and pair of mysterious loose pages. Ascender, one of original leaders of Basecamp 33, was able to contact Deirdre to get a copy of the pages for the Mountaineers to look through.

Much investigation and Photoshop exploration followed, and a hidden message within the page was discovered. It seemed that the floral elements, previously thought to be merely decorative, could be cut out and assembled into an image that formed a flower. A Google reverse image search led the recruits to someone who had seen it before: Cole Sumner. He had dreamt of the flower and was moved to sketch it. He called it the Fraylily. This word turned out to be the first fragment.