Wiki: AG Secret Society – Third Memory

Story Installment

Woolie appeared in the Ackerly Green offices a third time in September 2018, after Catherine discovered the Phantom Lighthouse ticket and Saberlane spent about a month attempting to track down a mysterious shipment sent from the original Ackerly Green Book Shop. Woolie appeared more fragmented and fading than before, and Saberlane worried that his connection to Ackerly Green was beginning to fade. Saberlane was unable to record Woolie’s words, so he paraphrased from memory.

The Memory

He was talking but I could only hear about a quarter of it. He was telling me about his first steps into Neithernor. He said he was welcomed with open arms by these people who had taken these ancient ruins and turned them into beautiful homes for the six guilds that he’d come to learn about, almost like clubhouses. Rotting wood and crumbling stone had been covered with tapestries, cloths, and furniture, and there were tents set up all over the place. It was like these grown-ups were living some wonderful childlike adventure. He saw people going and coming through doors to our world, people learning magic, people sitting around campfires, telling stories, detailing adventures they had in this world. He met groups of people gathered under massive trees reading old books and parchments, working together to try and learn unknown languages and decipher strange codes. He said he finally felt like he was home. I’m not positive, and it may be because I’m biased, but I think he said he was an Ebenguard.

After about ten minutes, Saberlane reported that Woolie disappeared mid-sentence and didn’t come back. He stayed until the early hours of the morning waiting for him to return, and just when he was about to leave, found a clue written on the office chalkboard that directed the Mountaineers’ next search.