Today's a Big Day: The Briar Society, Elemental Buttons & Surgery

Hey Mounties!
First things first, The Briar Society Early Enrollment is now live!

Right now, enrollment is limited to 100 people. I’m not sure what membership scale for Briar Society will make for the best experience, and I feel sure that in future “chapters” we may increase the limit, but this is the current soft cap. I only manufactured 100 of the Briar Society “B and Key” pins, but we can always order more if it seems like there’s interest. To be frank, I would rather do this right and make less money.

My goal is simply to tell this story in new and inventive ways, ways that draw you deeper into the story and feel like an intimate, mysterious, “gather by moonlight and change the world” experience. I can’t say much more now, but there really is nothing else out there like The Briar Society. I’m not bragging, in fact, it scares the heck out of me that there’s nothing else out there quite like this. :cjheart:

In the next couple months (and absolutely following the release of The Book of Briars) I’ll be able to talk a little more about what to expect and how it will work, but for now know that it’s a lot like TMP while also being more intimate, personalized, and magimystic. :cjsmile:

Also, check your email because the elemental pinback buttons we announced a while back are now live in the shop! We’re going to create an area on the forum so that you can all continue to support each other through the primal elemental power we learned about in The Search for Magiq. You can request support there, or share your wins and brushes with the magimystic, and other Mounties can wear their buttons in solidarity (or draw/print the free images that will also be provided there.) We made the buttons because A) every bit of revenue helps support us in doing what we’re doing, and B) many of you asked for them. Go check them out!

Finally, I am sad that I won’t be around for the release of the elemental buttons and the opening of The Briar Society, but I’m going in for shoulder surgery (as this is posted.) It’s been causing me a lot of pain and trouble for almost three months and it turns out I have a bunch of problems including a torn tendon that I’m going to have taken care of. The pain has made doing just about anything difficult, including writing for long stretches, which has been a real problem as you can imagine. The recovery is going to be a few weeks, but I’ll be around as always. :cjheart:

This year, with all of you, has been one of the highlights of my life and career. Growing leaps and bounds, discovering what I’m here on this planet to do, and you all helping me be brave enough to pursue it, it’s been a dream.

Thank you for dreaming with me.


I’ll be around today if anyone needs anything! I also wanted to point out that the buttons will be in limited runs because it’s just me sitting in the office punching them out with the button maker and I can only do so many of those at once (:sweat_smile:), so there are currently 12 sets of each color available.

We’ll also be notifying all of our raffle winners by email today, so thank you so much to all who participated!! Your feedback has been super valuable and we will definitely be taking it into account for this coming year :cjheart:


Ooo, this is so exciting; I can’t wait to sign up :cjheart: Also, the pins look amazing, Catherine! I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

And good luck with the surgery CJ!


Good luck today, CJ!

I’m so excited for a new fully immersive experience! I’ve already put in my order :grin:


How do we get the student discount?

Also best of luck CJ!


Great question!!
For now, write “StudentTBS” in the coupon field at checkout and then please send us a PDF of your current class schedule to That should apply the 25% discount for you at checkout, and don’t worry about the recurring totals as we’ll update the subscription type once we verify your transcript! Let me know if you run into any trouble.


Sending an official transcript requires a street address even if it is being sent by email, at least through my university.


My bad! I was thinking of a class schedule. Would that be easier?
It doesn’t need to be super official, we just need some proof that you’re enrolled in classes at the moment. A PDF or even a screenshot will do!


Okay, yeah that’s much easier. A transcript has to be requested and processed through the university, and is sent directly from them.


No worries! It’s been a minute since either of us were in school :sweat_smile:. Thanks for pointing that out!


Have fun in surgery! I hope you feel lots better soon. What would be the best symbol to wear for speedy healing?

Also hurray for Briar Society!


I think the thing I’m most excited about is for everyone who has joined over the past year to have the opportunity to experience the kind of intensely immersive experience we had in TMP. I’m so looking forward to The Briar Society!


Best of luck in surgery, CJB. We’ll hope for the speediest of recoveries.


Best of luck, CJ - sending thoughts of healing and speedy recovery your way!

Yay buttons and Briar Society! Although, I haven’t gotten AG emails in… probably a few months? It hasn’t been much of an issue since links have been posted here as well, but I don’t want to miss anything! I’ve been checking spam and whitelisted the email but still none recently… is there something else I should try?


That’s so weird! I’ll look into it and PM you.


cries because he wishes teachers got a discount. maybe i’ll figure out how to briar society.

(money is a wee bit tight due to reasons. so i may have to skip out on the society atm. as much as i’d love to do the thing.)


Updating to let y’all know that there is now an official option for student discounts directly on the TBS website! So you won’t need the coupon code anymore (and it won’t work if you try to use it). You’ll still need to provide proof that you’re a student, so if you select the student enrollment option from here on out, expect a verification email from me! Anyone who already enrolled with the code is good to go. Thanks for your patience!!!


How goes the recovery, @CJB?


Thank you for asking, I’m okay. Doing better than expected given my issues, so says my doctor, and looking to a couple months of physical therapy but should be good as newish soon! :cjheart:


I can’t wait for this!