SOLVED: Fragment Eight: MAGIQ! (Calling The Corners)

A new Message from the Book of Briars:

From sky to earth and in between
The elements converge
It’s time to cast a spell or two
And see what might emerge

We’ve already performed one spell. Looks like we’re going to need to perform another.


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I think she meant to burn the place down and everybody in it and it just didn’t work for some reason.

Holy crap. Makes Central Park in the middle of the night seem like a stroll in the park. I joke when I’m terrified.

Uh… the last page was blank. But the pic shows blurry words…


Hey! I joke when I am terrified too (See my last 5 posts or so)! Twinsies


The last page has our word on it.


Wowza. That is some intense stuff @CRSumner. Now’s definitely the time to tell Deirdre.

Good job Brendon - another piece of our puzzle.


Oh and this - maybe Lauren is a little…crazier? dangerous? then we initially thought. She could very well come after us, Cole, and Deirdre.


So next steps.

  1. Tell Deirdre and get her to agree to this crazy thing.

  2. Figure out what the six elements are. “W is the TOTAL”?

  3. Find 6 of us who are willing to be part of her grounding circle. Ideally, I suppose in each guild.

  4. Each find an object that represents the element we’re assigned.

  5. Get her to say the words and do everything on this list (That’s on you, Cole)

  6. ???

  7. Magic


So much to unpack in all of that:

  • The 6 Elements
  • The Sentence “W it the TOTAL”
  • The 7th Fragment being found
  • The Page was blank until Cole took a picture

Am I missing anything?

EDIT: Dang it @Robert. Beat me to it


I feel like the six elements have to do with our guilds. W - Weatherwatch?


Okay, NOW I’m nervous.


Incredible work @CRSumner and I’m so glad you’re okay. Would you mind reaching out to DG?


Nervous because there could be a woman coming after you who doesn’t mind setting everything and all things on fire… or nervous because you now have to tell the girl you have a seemingly good connection with that her whole life is a lie and that you found a letter for her from her late father?

I feel for you


Yeah, @Brendon, that. And you guys are sure we’re ready? Nothing we should prep before? Nothing to think about?


Uhhhh, I’m not sure. Do you think there is something we should do first?


“repeat the calling phrase for each one”

I’m guessing that third page is the calling phrases for the elements? Maybe they’ll help us figure out what the elements are.

So we have W is the TOTAL and this…

First look upon the red horizon
All awakened by my force
I am the mother and the son, the rising sun my source.

Morning’s called me many names
Gravity and untouched things
Though I am but a force unseen carried on imagined wings

As fire hangs midway in the sky
Move the ground to summon me
But only fire and force will show what I can truly be.

Day grows weary, night awakes
Five moons call to the water
A careful step upon the land but sea is too my daughter

Night black curtains drape the world
Memory and misery, rage and reason too
All are born inside of me, and I am born in you

The darkened world is stirring now
Before dawn breaks its silence
Life and death move hand in have, the minuet of violence


I have no idea. I basically want to go home and change out of my sweaty clothes and drink a beer. And if you guys think it’s time after that, then it’s time.


Okay, let us know when you’re good to go and in the mean time we will think on it and try to work out some of the puzzles.


Just being confronted with the truth might tear her apart if she starts trying to unravel it on her own. Maybe we should have the grounding hex set up before he talks to her?