20.5.The Secret Society: Calling the Corners for Saberlane and Woolie (Complete!)

Here’s how to create a grounding hex, or ‘Calling the Corners’ to protect someone. All this info can be found back in Fragment Eight. I

The intent of the Grounding Hex, is to take six participants (ideally one from each guild, but not mandatory) to form both a literal and figurative protective circle hexagon around someone. It won’t be a pretty hexagon, but it’ll have 6 sides.

Each participant will have an object of personal significance that exemplifies one of the six magiqal elements.

The Six Elements

Weatherwatch: Light
Gossmere: Aether
Flinterforge: Ore
Ebenguard: The Tides
Thornmouth: Thought
Balimora: The Wild

Each element has a section of the poem below matched to it.

The Call of the Elements

First look upon the red horizon
All awakened by my force
I am the mother and the son, the rising sun my source.

Morning’s called me many names
Gravity and untouched things
Though I am but a force unseen carried on imagined wings

As fire hangs midway in the sky
Move the ground to summon me
But only fire and force will show what I can truly be.

Day grows weary, night awakes
Five moons call to the water
A careful step upon the land but sea is too my daughter

Night black curtains drape the world
Memory and misery, rage and reason too
All are born inside of me, and I am born in you

The darkened world is stirring now
Before dawn breaks its silence
Life and death move hand in hand, the minuet of violence

So step right up new people and …less new people!

  1. Pick a guild to represent (it ideally should be yours, but it’s not mandatory, having 6 people is more important than anything.

  2. The six people will let us know (approximately) where they are in the world so we can work out a ‘hexagon’.

  3. Those six people pick an item of personal signficance that jives with that element. Take a picture of it and talk about how it fits in with the element and you.

  4. Say your elements part in the ‘Call of the Elements’ above.

  5. Each person will ‘point it in the direction of the next’. Basically you do this by identifying where on the map the person is after you, and if they are say, Northeast of you try to find a way to make it point Northeast.

  6. ???

  7. Once all 6 people have done this…Magiq! Saberlane and Woolie should be protected.

Note: You may feel a bit of ‘spell sickness’ after this. Some people are hit harder by it than others. Please do not operate heavy machinery until you see how you react to it. Drink plenty of fluids, and get extra rest.


And the spell work begins! I’ll let someone who hasn’t done magiq yet take a shot if they want it, but I’m always around if we’re in need of a Bali (or a filler/backup).


Do we really understand what the effect of this will be? It looks like they’re both suffering because they’re stuck together - would grounding them help or harm? Would it stick them further together? Would it anchor Woolie making his co-existence in Saberlane less painful, or would it bind him in his current form until the grounding is undone with a separate figuration (like Sullivan’s hex on DG)?


Excellent question.

The Grounding Hex simply protects the targets from adverse Magiqal blowback. If we protect Saberlane, my thinking is it will prevent the whole “Clawing my way out will kill him” thing. I’d call that some serious magiqal blowback.

You’re right. This is just the precursor to the real trick, which is separating the two.

It’s possible the grounding hex will stabilize things enough so Woolie can make his own way out, or stabilize Saberlane enough to gain some form of control so he could knock into Neithernor to free Woolie.

That…is above my pay grade right now. Let’s stabilize and calm down the patients and we can work on the procedure to separate the two after we see what that does.


Saberlane’s never been able to summon a knocking door (for reasons none of us, including him, don’t really fully understand).

I think your magiqal theory is sound, but given that this is highly experimental, I wouldn’t recommend proceeding without @Saberlane’s express consent.


Ah, there’s the beauty of it. Woolie CAN knock into Neithernor. And right now…they are in this together. If Woolie can control Saberlane’s body long enough to write a post…why not knock on a door?

And yes, Saberlane should totally consent before we do this.


Oh. Then I consent.


i’m around should we need an Ebbie. I’ve got some ideas for what i could use too.


After performing wrought magic I feel weirdly guilty about casting. @Augustus_Octavian , you good to take this one bro?


I feel the same, @OracleSage. After last time, I’m more… cautious? About any kind of magiq.


I did the same wrought spell, sis, to project to Dark Star Park.


How have you been feeling? That’s actually just kind of a general question for anyone who cast it, we never really checked back in on it but if both me and Sel are having lasting effects maybe some of y’all are too?


I have an infant at home, and two other children 5 and under. Disembodied spectres of lost astral travelers are the least of my sleep schedule problems.


Umm, @Skylad, which one of us wants to do this? I can come up with stuff for this in Dakar, but I want us to make this decision together!


I had a few nights of poor sleep…but I’m a grad student and that’s not super new. The Flinter pool is pretty small, but @Viviane you want a shot at some magiq?


I can jump in if needed, although the mundane is kicking my butt right now all by itself. If we can find anyone with a neighboring guild/some Flinter affinity who’s fresher I’ll cede to them.


I had to read all this super quick…, do we have a day?? If I’m not working I’d love to help Wollie and saberlane out


i had some bad sleep for a couple nights. but im doing okay. the discordant buzzing stopped.


Honestly, we all seem to be up to our ears in stuff (I certainly am), so yeah, I think we have a day.


Thank you all for trying this. Things are pretty chaotic right now.