Not sure if this is the right place. A little help?

I am very very lost.
I found this forum through the Guide to Magiq. I read a little of The Monarch Papers, but figured maybe someone here could help me. I work at a psychiatric hospital in the northeastern part of the United States. Don’t want to give too much info because this is about a patient. I’m not a doctor. But this is about a patient I see every day.

She has no memory or awareness of who she is, where she came from, family, nothing. She’s been a patient for a couple years from what I read, but there are lots of patients with lots of different issues. She just sits at the same window everyday and says she’s “sorry” over and over. A lot of patient cases get to me, but hers really gets to me. She was marked as a physical risk when she first came in but she’s never exhibited violent or aggressive behavior. But last Saturday she kind of “woke up” for a couple hours. She got a hold of a colored pencil and wrote “Magiq” on the wall by the window. She wrote it about a hundred times.

I can’t get it out of my head. So I google, I find the guide to Magiq and I find the forum. This is probably a long shot, but maybe she used to be a member of the “mountaineers?” Maybe she used to role play or write here?


Hey… sorry, bit of a mess here right now… do you- do you have a name we can go by? Maybe we know her, maybe we dont. Im not sure we can go off just the description though. That word means a lot to us though, and not a lot of other people outside of our circle know it. Theres a very good chance she was one of us once. Um… throwing names at a wall, the ones i know of are allison and portentia.

Another quick question - when was she admitted? Im not sure you’ll be able to answer this one, but a few very specific dates would let us narrow it down immensely.


Hmm, tough to figure out who you’re referring too without details, but we understand the patient client problem.

How old would we think Avis Green would be today? 60’s? 70’s? How old of a woman are we actually talking about? I can’t think of anyone else we haven’t heard of in years.

Maybe see if she responds to the name Avis Green? If it’s her she had a brother named Warner and a nephew named Sullivan she might respond to?


God, if we just lost sabes only to gain a green… wouldn’t that just be a bad joke.


Don’t even, Cj. I can’t with that right now. :cry:

And hey, @jdobner95. In case you haven’t guessed, yeah, you’re probably in the right place. We’ve had a lot of weird encounters with memory issues, etc., which you probably know if you’ve read a bit of The Monarch Papers. (Yes, the things in those books really happened. I know there’s a note in the book that says so and everything but there were people out there saying we made it all up.)

If she was only admitted a couple of years ago, that might help narrow it down, but it might not. On the other hand, what we did on Saturday should, hopefully, lead to further improvements? Has anything else notable changed with her since Saturday? Maybe more information will come out with some time. Can y’all think of anyone else who might fit the description we have? And why would she be apologizing over and over? For what?


@jdobner95 - thank you so much for taking interest in your patient and seeking out more information. Of course we will help as much as we can! But like the others have said, we’d need more information if you can provide it.


Avis is definitely a possibility, though we’ve had no sign that she existed in the Book of Kings. However, maybe it could be her and the Book of Briars is finally happening happening. I’m not sure though.

Could it also be Ilya? I know we’ve only heard about her through the one chapter of the BoB that we’ve gotten, but that chapter talked about her having a lot of memory problems (because of the Storm).

It could also be any of the '94 Mounties that we aren’t sure about. There’s a lot of possibilities.


I know this must be a lot to you right now, but this woman - If she was one of us, she wasn’t role playing. Everything you’ve read is real, and magiq can be both wonderful and dangerous. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of memory loss or other disabilities caused by magiq. (If you’re reading TMP I’d recommend volume 2 for your particular situation) One of our own was suffering from one such ailment until today… I don’t know how he’s doing now, though. Yesterday was a pretty big day for us, and so I guess some weirdness was to be expected. Thanks for reaching out.


You are in the right place @jdobner95 . I know it can be really overwhelming, but thank you thank you thank you for letting us know about her. We lose people in this, not fight exactly, but we loose more people than we like to think about.

We don’t often get one back.

Try the names suggested… maybe also Deirdre? I don’t think we’ve heard anything from her for a while. Let her know the Book Of Briars is open, and try saying one more thing…

“Trust the flow of Magiq.”

We’re batting around ideas and weighing risks of using magiq (it’s been too rare to use and too risky lately) but if you want us to walk you through something that might work, I for one am in favor of trying a Teatime. Think of that as magiqal meditation for memory loss. Doesn’t work for the long term, but in a pinch it’s helped us treat magiqal amnesia/dementia before, just long enough to get some valuable information.

Keep reading, and remember, everything is real.


@jdobner95 Hey there, I’m new here too. This is an energetic bunch but they know what they’re doing. We had a big event here on the first - and I think we’re grasping for what it means and what will happen to us next. Your patient mentioning magiq - especially with a q, all of a sudden, is very particular.

Try out some of the words and phrases with her. Might help us out, and it might help her out to reconnect with some friends. We might know family members, between us, who knows? It’s good of you to try to find answers, help her get back to where she should be. I think a lot of people would have written it off.


Whoah. I didn’t think I’d get any replies, let alone ten.
I only read the first few chapters so I don’t understand most of what you guys are saying. I mean, it’s all cool, but maybe just not my thing.

The patient’s record say she is probably somewhere in her early-to-mid 40s and described as “Hispanic” though that’s based mostly on her skin and hair color. She doesn’t have an accent and had no identifying belongings when she was found.

I’m going in to work but will reply more when I get out.


And by no accent I mean it seems like English is her first language and she sounds American.


Sorry about that! We don’t mean to overwhelm you; we’re really grateful that you came looking for us at all. Anything more you could give us without violating ethical practice would be appreciated.

As to further guesses, Mounties…what about Sacha? She would be about the right age. We never found out what happened to her after the Storm hit Kemetic. And if she was aware of any of the things Teddy Fallon had made her do…maybe the apologies make sense, too? I don’t know, just spitballing, here.


That’s a really good idea. That’d be the next guess. Maybe we can see if she responds to her name, or to the name Brandon Lachmann.


I agree, she’s definitely a good candidate!


@jdobner95 I feel like we’ve been a bit hasty to get answers and not extend base civilities and what not. I won’t lie to you. I’m a bit cautious of you/your timing because of stuff that’s occured on our end of things. But that doesn’t mean we can’t work together to figure out what’s going on, and to help you and your pt!

Hi, I’m Eden. What’s your name/what would you like to be called?


My name’s Jonah. I’m just trying to help someone, I don’t know what else is going on with you guys. I finished the first book last night and I checked out some of the old posts here. I ran a couple names by her last night, ones you mentioned, it seemed like she acknowledged Sacha but she actually reached out and grabbed my arm when I said Lachmann.

She seemed alert, focused, at least for a minute. Like she has pieces of her memory in a way she didn’t before. So you think she’s the same person as the girl who was friends with the Brandon Lachmann character? I don’t know what to call all the characters, I know you’re saying they’re real people. I’m just lost.

She had an outburst after, trying to get the window open, screaming “sorry” and they have her in solitary now while she calms down. I had to leave to pick up my grandma and I feel like shit.


Hey, Jonah. Thank you for keeping us updated. We really appreciate it and are working hard to figure this out with you. And don’t worry about feeling lost, everyone feels a little overwhelmed at first when they encounter magiq (heck I’ve been here for a year and I’m still trying to figure it out) and we are here to help with any questions you have.

Maybe we should take a small break from trying any more names until she becomes a little bit more stable? Either way, don’t blame yourself. None of this is your fault and we are gonna help you through this.


Nice to meet you Jonah, I’m glad we have a name to a screen name now. I apologize for sounding like I doubt your desire to help this person. I probably should have expressed what I felt better than I did. I don’t doubt that you want to help your patient, not in the slightest. Thank you for caring enough about them to go the extra mile and contact us, and to help us try to figure out whats going on.

An additional Thank You for trying those names- it really helps us. We didn’t know that would be the reaction to you asking/commenting on names would be. Like Hummingbird said, none of this is your fault, and please don’t blame yourself. If there’s anything we can do to help, let us know.

(Also, tell your grandma some stranger(s) from the internet wish her well)


Hi there, Jonah. I’m newer around here myself, so I remember how overwhelming and wacky all of this can seem. And my introduction to this stuff was not nearly so intense as yours has been. If folks seem kind of eager it’s only because the community instinct here is to help however we can.

I have a number of friends and family who work in your field, and I know from them how hard it can be when patients have behaviors and episodes like that. It’s good that she has you there to look out for her. If she is who we think she is, then Brandon was important to her and it’s understandable that she would have strong reactions to remembering him.