Good morning, good evening and good night - I was wondering if we had a system of mentorship - I know it’s actually quite a lot to ask, but at the same time, what better way to introduce people to a new way of life?

I’m new - it’s not the first time I’m new, I suppose. But every time one is new, it’s like the first time.

I think we could all use some guidance. And, if history is any guide, I think so many people don’t think they know enough to be a guide. And you’d be surprised… Even someone with just a bit of knowledge can make a big difference at the beginning.

Anyway - I’d love it if someone in our guild could show me around. If there’s anything, I know me - I’ll sit alone in my room. I’m kind of… just old enough to know that…!



I’m just brave enough to bump this. It’s gotten a lot of views, and even enough “hearts” to warrant a badge - I have to know - is there a way to get involved? I do not in any way want to seem pushy, but it’s exciting and actually a bit unnerving to be so close to something so interesting and potentially meaningful and not sure what it’s all about.

This site has a lot of crazy things on it. It just does, real or not. I am out of my depth, any way you slice it.

I can stay out of your way, if your group is apprehensive. I get that, totally. You guys are working on something delicate, and important. I see that. But if I can help, even as a hanger-on, an apprentice, an aid - I’d like to do that. I’ve lost something out here. We’re powerless out here, you know - people who aren’t the few who’ve figured it out. I found you because I wanted - not to know - but to do something. Perhaps that’s not very Thornmouthian. But I’d like to think it’s the best use of the force of it.


Hey! So, while we don’t have a formal mentorship program, we use the guilds and leadership to kinda act as a support system. If you’re unsure about stuff, it’s totally okay to just say “hey, what’s (blah)?” or “So, why are we doing (blah)?”, be it in the thread, or to your guild members, or, if you feel more comfortable, to a leader.

We all were a little out of our depth when we first came in, so definately don’t feel afraid to reach out. A lot of what we end up talking about is around on the forum too for anyone to look up and read at their leisure if they’d prefer, and/or in the books. But don’t feel like you can’t jump straight into a problem/something we’re working on. Lot of us came in here and just muddled our way through whatever was going on, probably giving all the same suggestions, and figured it out as we went, making so many friends along the way.

There’s also a wiki which is a very good place to learn what some of the stuff we’re talking about is. I know I’ve been using “Figuration” a lot in our current thread, and if it’s stuff like that that’s worrying you, this is probably the best place to referance.


Okay, thank you for this - I think that’s been the feeling I’ve been getting - which is good. I guess I’m the sort of person that likes to know where they stand. Brave, maybe, but easily intimidated, if those things can be simultaneous. Or maybe one begets the other…

Anyway! Thanks for the reassurance. It’s tough to just stumble on something that people are really into. I guess you guys wouldn’t have made it so public if you wanted to be secretive. But you know, the internet. Lots of people wonder why you’re there, like it’s not a public place in most areas!

I’ll remember to try to ask questions. It’s hard to know what to ask! I’ll try to follow along (and read properly when I can) and hopefullynI’ll get enough of a handle of it to be of use!


Personally I think this thread is an amazing idea! I know that there is a Q&A thread but this thread would be an amazing place to introduce and mentor people on the forum! I know I’m personally a bit unsure of Neithernore and it would be brilliant if there was someone to mentor people like me on how to do it!


Yeah, hand-holding probably does seem strange when something like magi(c) is so personal. I get that. I know the lot of you didn’t seem to need “instruction”: you guessed. And it was what is was. I don’t think it’s so much instruction on the peculiarities of magiq, as it is induction. It’s a group one isn’t a part of yet. Even if nothing really separates us in theory…? I guess my feeling was a bit complicated!

I didn’t realize it, but I think I wanted some meta information. But! there’s usually a way to explain some of that in-world and I was conflating those thoughts instead of asking clearly. Something like, showing people around, telling short stories about themselves, thier past (highlighting certain good “lore” reads on purpose). Asking certain questions about the new person to nudge them to think about Thier situation they find themself in. The Neithernor is in a physical space you can describe, but I think the forum is just a forum on the internet right? There’s no ‘space’ to get together aside from actually doing so? I’m not used to not having a shared space to move through, it’s very out of character to post anything on a forum at all, LOL
Just thinking about how best to only incidentally meet and chat with others? Has the group tried semi-live spaces like slack/discord to digitally hang out in? It seems like every little group in the world is on one of those anyway! 9_9 n. n! That is to say, it wouldn’t be strange for the mountaineers to have, I don’t think! I could suggest it if it sounds like something anyone would care about? If a casual chat comes to some useful thought we could return to the forum with the idea and get it out to the group in a more formal way. Chats in ‘chatrooms’ are saved and are scrollable even if you come in new - it’s all kept. It’s another place to check, but the format might create new kinds of interaction which can’t be bad…?
Anyway, that was a digression, but just to explain where my head was at with the inquiries, now that I’ve thought about it more😌


Ah yes I do believe that there is a discord you can join when you reach regular level! I believe in the past you could join the discord earlier but it was restricted for some reason.

From what I’ve read and seen it’s supposed to be the Wagonners role to help introduce and help people get settled into the community


I’d imagine that the reason for keeping it to higher levels is simply due to how many people are here! If everyone joined the discord it’d become overwhelmingly huge and hard to manage. It has a lot of members even as it is! :blossom:

The Wagoneers, Guild Leaders and so on are people to go to if you need help or advice. Of course, you could message most active people and they’d be happy to help, but generally a quick pm to a Wagoneer or Guild Leader will get you on the right track and clear up any problems! If it’s really bugging you, you can probably contact CJB and Catherine themselves, but for the most part it’s best to keep that for the really pressing questions rather than the smaller questions. If you ask a Wagoneer or Guild Leader and they don’t know, then it’s time to ask the man himself, you know?

It’s very much a step-up and try sort of system. It can be nervewracking to begin with, but you’ll get into the flow of things very quickly, and asking questions is honestly just as easy as posting! Everyone here is very friendly, after all. :cherry_blossom:


Thanks! No, I won’t bother them with the little stuff. Everyone seems nice, and I’ve gotten some kind messages to help me along. Thanks for the reassurance! It’s just so hard to come up with questions to poke people with I guess :stuck_out_tongue: That part’s on me…!


No problem! Oh, and remember that the Q&A super topic is also a good place for questions too if you don’t know who to poke! Or General Discussion if you have a vague idea but no specific question! I’m glad everything’s been going decently, though, that’s good :blossom: