Guild House

So with the topic of guild familiars out there, I thought it would only be appropriate if we thought up a place to house them, along with guild specifics in mind.

So for Thornmouth, something like an old town building thats rather tall, with a heavy solid wood door sounds like a good start. I’m honestly just curious to know how everyone would see their “guild hall” if guilds ever reached the point of having a physical home.

Also, it’s kinda as obvious as the basic owl is to thronmouth, but I feel like our guild hall would most likely be dubbed “The Library” or “The Den” something like that.


Couldn’t Thornmouth also be a lighthouse? The symbol is a stack of books with a lit lantern on top. And the background has a stormcloud look.

Thornmouths look for the hidden magic and knowledge of the world, a lighthouse symbolizes a beacon in the darkness, a guiding light.

I think the Guild house would be a lighthouse on a cape, somewhere perpetually gloomy. The outside would have biting, chilling winds full of salt spray thrown into the air by the crashing waves. The outside would represent the unknown, the treacherous darkness that a member of Thornmouth must brave to find the knowledge they so voraciously seek.

The inside would represent the reward for braving the darkness. The walls would be covered in books and information. There would be big circular windows with cushions for comfortable reading. There would be writing tables for recording new information.

And instead of a lightbulb at it’s peak there would be the Mindflame, which was cited in the explanation of what a Thornmouth is and I am assuming is a physical artifact.

Edit: I feel like there would also be two big areas on the first floor, one being a big reading nook with beanbags a big comfy chairs and the other a catalogue of every book in the lighthouse, it would be an old style card catalogue as magiq and technology probably wouldn’t interact well. And with so many readers The Endless Night of Learning being active 24/7 we can’t have technology.

And there would be a big painted wood carving of the emblem/symbol of Thornmouth over the entrance. And it would be carved into the tables and the bookshelves.


I honestly never thought in the direction you went but I love it! I think that the light house part is very well thought out and placed in the right setting.


Gossmere’s Hall I can picture very clearly.

It would be more of a commune really, set in the center of some major city, with ornate Victorian style architecture.

The door would be a huge door made of wood, with gold hinges and knobs. Once you open those doors it would lead to a common area with fabrics of Gossmere colors hanging overhead, a huge burn pit in the center for festivals. The rooms would be very simple but not plain, with the smell of healing remedies drifting in the air.


I was going to suggest a thing, but you figured it out.

i had to read more of the post.


Well, you’ve absolutely sold me. Let’s go find a lighthouse.



I think there would also be a sick bay, maybe a place where there is a large amount of cots for the sick to lie on. There would be cabinets full of medicinal and herbal remedies. I feel like if it is in a big city it could also act as a sort a homeless shelter. With the sick bay also serving as a housing for those without it. I feel it would appeal to the compassion of Gossmere.


The real question is: which guild would throw the best parties? Sometimes, after a long (long, long, long, long) night of studying, I want to go let loose. Who am I going to see?

Would the guild hall reflect that?


Ebenguard’s Guild Hall: Sentinel’s Rest

A place by the sea, covered in ivy, made of bricks that have been smoothed with time. It’s situated right between where the forest ends and where the sea begins. A couple boats are tied to a dock out in front of the weathered residence, and small pathways can be seen leading out into the forest.

The house has big wooden doors and has two floors, not including the basement. Walking through the doors, the house is immaculate inside, as if to balance out the old and weathered appearance of the outside.

Inside the house, you will find a kitchen, a Meditation/zen garden/scrying room, a gym and fighting ring (multiple configurations can be had), rooms for guild members and guests, a sitting room, an armory, and a small library. The rooms of guild members within are magically stocked, and furnished according to the inhabitants wishes. The sitting room has a small fireplace inside, and comfortable chairs to sit in. The armory is well stocked, for most any situation and is always changing around where things are. Magical Items, armor, and weapons tend to find their way back to the armory unless taken out specifically for a purpose. The gym and fighting ring also holds a target range for practice at ranged weaponry.

At least, that’s my take on it.


not my guild. i’d think it’d be weatherwatch or gossmere. Balimora is an outside chance


What? You don’t think it’d be us? We have mad books. I’m sure at least one of them is on how to throw a party.


Balimora has some kickin parties at the solstices, thank you.

Just a friendly heads up though if anyone asks you if you want to be part of the big finale say no. Some of the old school members still do sacrifices for next year’s harvest. Probably won’t come up, though…


“probably”, so you’re saying theirs a chance? There’s gotta be records of these parties written somewhere in the Thornmouth library! If not then we have to attend for knowledges sake!!!


@Chordie @VictorianFlorist

I have a lighthouse in mind that could really use the occupants. It’s deep in the back of part of my city on a cliff face. My city is also pretty gloomy and crappy 90% of the time too, when it’s not snowing and below zero at least. Could build under it since it’s on a cliff and have parts where the wall is the face of it so you can look out onto the water from underneath.


Yes. This partying is strictly educational!

And that sounds like home to me! Well, actually, it doesn’t sound like my hot, humid, sunny home at all, but you know what I mean.


Hot, humid, sunny. OR Cold, Muggy, Snowy/Rainy
Mind you we have our hot days too, and when we do it is the muggiest and most miserable time I have ever experienced!



I WANNA GO! Can we trade for a week? I’ll live in Sentenials Rest if you stay in the compound,


I’ll admit Balimora does have Stellar Solstice events.
This one time, this guy gave me a funny green drink… and let’s just say those antlers took FOREVER to magiq off.
But any other time of the year it’s Gossmere hands down. Have you ever been to a Common Drum festival… I mean talk about a good time. Bonfires, good music, the strange aetherial link that makes us feel what every the emotions of all others in attendance, ya know… regular party things.


i was more going with your guild probably throws the yearly seasonal festivals like yule and imbolc.

also, crazy bacchanalias

house parties, maybe


hot, sunny. humid. sounds like my part of town. for real.

even when im at work. i cant avoid it.