Weatherwatch Base

Hey there fellow Weatherwatchers! We’ve been gaining some new members recently, so I think we should work together on defining one of the most important places for our guild: our guild house. I know we already have a thread that we share with all the other guilds to talk about this, but I figured we could discuss it more here, that way we don’t bother everyone with our replies. Once we come to an agreement, we can make a post about it the original thread, found here!

I’m going to leave some of the ideas that have already been brought up by our members, and then we can work from there.


Our base has become established as a floating ship, in a similar vein to the ship from Treasure Planet. A couple of other bases have been put forward, such as an underwater hideout under a ship wreck, but the floating ship seems to be the current consensus. The base idea came from reports of a ship called Athena’s Hand, which is shown below:

It is a very large ship which is powered by a mix of wind power and motors of some kind. This has been the major inspiration for our guild house. It’s mobile, and thus ready to go where we want to take it, whether it be for adventure or to pick up some random ingredient for a dish we’re making. It has a large mess hall, a galley, and of course, the other necessary components of a working ship. It also has four dormitory wings, one for each of the seasons: summer, spring, autumn, and winter. Other than that, however, we don’t have a lot of information on this ship we call home.

So, my fellow Weatherwatchers, I have a few questions: what else do you think is on the ship, other than what I’ve listed above? How old is the ship? What is its name? Is there anything listed you think shouldn’t be on the ship from the original description of Athena’s Hand, or the one given above? Is there another design of ship that you think would be better for our guild (I’m looking at you, @Skylad)? And lastly, where do you live in the ship, what does your space look like, and what do you do while you are on the ship while at Basecamp?


@Weatherwatch, we have come up with a name for our ship: Ascension. It is in honor of the former head of the Mounties and the first Weatherwatcher Mountie, Ascender. However, our ship is far from complete with just this name. Please, contribute your ideas on what you guys think Ascension is outfitted with, what it looks like, and maybe filling in some of its history. Good luck, and I hope some great stuff comes out of this!


Just got back from a backpacking trip and saw this! So stoked.

As far as features go, we definitely need a training room and a library, probably in the same area as the quarters. Also, a solid sound system is a must. No one should fly without killer tunes. Fridge should be well-stocked! Solar panels in the mast so we don’t need to stop for gas? Wind farming turbines in back.

Probably need an arcaneum for practicing magiq somewhere in the ship’s belly, well-protected so we don’t burn the damn thing down. Life boats A) in case of emergency B) to send out scouts. Maybe they’re named. Hermes and… something. We can vote on it.

I’m sure more will come to mind…

Am I missing the main thread, here? Where is everybody?


Hi Ike! The original thread which talks about general guild bases is found here: Guild House. Other that, this is the main thread for discussing the guild base for Weatherwatch. The name was suggested by our guild leader (sorry, Furia, I’m not sure how I should refer to you) suggested Ascension to myself and a couple of other folks yesterday, and given that no one else had put anything forward, we decided to go it (also, it’s a pretty great name). I hope that clears some stuff up for you, Ike!


Rad! Thanks, Remus!


Okay, @Weatherwatch, it’s been a while since we last updated this thread with ideas so I’m here to share some. @Furia sent me some of his ideas, so I figured I would adapt and share them here so everyone can comment on them. So without further ado, more on Ascension.

Ascension is a large flying ship, complete with all the trademarks of one’s stereotypical pirate ship. It has two decks, connected by a large staircase that is placed along the center axis of the two. The lower or main deck is full of benches for looking out at the world around you, and also has things necessary for maintaining the sails (though these are typically kept off the ground to give as much space as possible). The upper deck takes up the back portion of the deck, and along a few benches like before, it also has the ship’s main wheel for navigating. Both decks are lined on the outside with railings that are about 4 feet high (or 1.3 meters) to insure that no one falls out. The deck, at its widest, is about 25 feet (or 8 meters) across, and is around 80 feet (24.4 meters) long. On either side of the large staircase connecting the upper and lower deck, there is a door which leads into a small chamber with the same floor space as the the upper deck. Here, one can find two staircases, railed off and two the back and then part of the side, which lead to the level below.

On this level, one finds the lounge and kitchen. Here, weary Weatherwatchers, tired from a day of adventuring, can lay about one of the number of couches which populate the room. Most of these congregate around a large entertainment system (just because we have magic doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy movies), which is a fairly new addition to the ship. A couple other couches and a few armchairs are set aside from this space, in the same space that the upper deck and stair rooms occupy above. This is typically used for reading books from the ships collection, which is arrayed around the space in neat bookcases that have doors on them to keep the books from falling out while the ship moves (hey, not everything can be magical). The TV and entertainment center couches take up about 40% of the lower deck above.

The remaining 60% is occupied by a dining room and large kitchen, which is bright and has painted false walls to separate it from the entertainment area. The dining room has a large table which allows large groups of 20 or potentially more to dine together if they wish. It also features some windows for diners to look out of to enjoy the views of the outside world. As one travels more towards the stern, they find a well-stocked kitchen, with all the necessary cookware to create all the kinds of things one could imagine. as one is leaving the kitchen, they enter a hallway with three doors, two of which are almost opposite each other, about 3 feet (1 meter) into the hallway, while another is at the end of the hallway, which is about 8 feet (2.5 meters) long. The two doors which face each other, which do not open outwards, but rather slide to the side, are the pantry and spice rooms, respectively. Due to the mobility of the base, Weatherwatchers are able to gave many rare ingredients for dishes, so both rooms are well stocked with items from around the world. The door at the end of the hall leads to a dark room which occupies the front of the ship: the liquor cabinet (I did not add this area, it was, in fact, in the notes). It has a large supply of liquor for those of the alcohol drinking persuasion, and is restocked at least once a week, depending on the events of the week. In much the same fashion as the floor above, stairs can be found at the back of the ship, leading to the residential level.

The residential level is at first quite striking as it is an extreme breakaway from the style of the rest of the ship. The level appears to be as if it was taken directly from a hotel, and has a carpeted hall which extends away from the end of the ship. On either side, doors with room numbers can be found, and these numbers seem to extend into infinity to my own personal knowledge. While the rest of the ship appears to have floors of the size that one would expect, this one seems to stretch into infinity. Several Weatherwatchers have tried to find the end, but none have succeeded. I myself have tried and found myself getting super bored with the exercise once I got into room numbers that were in the 2000s. Each room on this level also seems to be equipped with the same basic amenities, those these can be switched out or changed by the owner of the room. Each room has a full-size bed, a small fridge and freezer combo, and thermostat. 30% of the room is set aside for a complete bathroom with sink, shower, and toilet. The space can be rearranged as the user sees fit, and posters and new wallpaper are encouraged. Again, a staircase at the back of the ship leads one down to the lower-most level: the engine level.

Here, one finds the engines which power the ship’s motors to help it stay a float. The ship is powered by the core. The core is a bit of the Further Fire, and thus is highly magical and dangerous if not handled properly. A control panel to monitor the state of the core can be found next to the container in which it is kept, as well as on the upper deck, next to the wheel for steering the ship. One can also find the tanks for both fresh and used water for the ship, which those who visit them call “infinity tanks,” since they seem to hold infinite amounts of water. They also seem to collect and disperse said water elsewhere, though that location is unknown.

That’s the gist of Furia’s notes, but feel free to add things or edit things based on your own thoughts!


So it’s been a bit since I last posted in here, but I would like others to post their ideas about Ascension here as well, if they are willing to. I have also been thinking some about the guild, and the base in general, and I wanted to make some suggestions to the last post that I collaborated with @Furia on. Specifically, I wanted to address were the water tanks and the hallway of rooms. I kind of suggested that the two were infinite, in that the water in the tanks seemed somewhat infinite, and that there seemed to be an never ending amount of rooms on board, but looking back, those don’t seem quite right. They seemed sort of like cop-outs. So, I propose instead another small location closely related to our guild, a Weathershack as it were, which would be near a mountain spring and a cliff where we dock Ascension.

The shack would be rather small and have a barebones lounge, but at the back of the room, there would be a door with a keyhole. When a guild member inserts their key into the lock, it pulls up their room as it would appear on Ascension. Each member’s room would be associated with a number, which would appear on their door in Ascension, but these numbers would not be in sequence or all-encompassing while on board. Rather, members would be “signed up” for their rooms to appear on board during voyages, though their room, given that one had a key to it, would always be accessible from the shack. Each room, and the system of signing up rooms for onboard Ascension, would be a part of an elaborate piece of magiq related to the guild affinity called “Languidimensional Touch,” and thus would allow for a potentially infinite amount of rooms without it having to be physically manifested on an infinitely long level of the Ascension.

As for the water tanks, they would be filled and emptied by a much simpler version of Languidimensional Touch, as they would be drawing from a source in the physical world: the pool at the bottom of the spring. The water would then be purified after use in the “used water” tank, and then transported to the top of the spring again to be used all over again. These were just some ideas since I wasn’t super fond of the infinite water source and hallway.


Happened across this album art while shuffling through a playlist on Spotify and it definitely gives me Weatherwatch/Ascension vibes


Oh, that looks so cool! What band is that for? It seems like the same artist for Through Juniper Vale, which is one of my favourite bands right now.


The name of the artist is Vian Izak here’s the album if anyone is interested

I could totally see this playing as we whisk through the air on the Ascension!


Hi all, I am still finishing up on TMP: Cosmos & Time, so I haven’t been that active, but am loving what you all have come up with so far! What about a hippogrif
f figurehead on the front of the Ascension?


I’ve loved reading this thread, but couldn’t think of anything to add yet. But I love looking into mythological symbolism, and the hippogriff looks perfect for this!

It’s a creature of land and sky (horse and griffin) on the head of a flying ship, traditionally belonging in the sea. So it covers exploration of all terrain.

Additionally, because the hippogriff is a cross between predator and prey animals, it’s also a symbol of impossibility. Seems an apt image at the helm of a flying boat with infinite rooms powered by magiq. :smile:


I was just going to post to ask why you chose Hippogriff, but I like @Louisa’s response! I’ve never really thought about our figurehead, so I think the Hippogriff is a good choice. I guess iui always associate our guild with a capricorn because of King Capra from The Minnying of Ojarad. They’ve also got the duality factor like Hippogriffs!


I think the Hippogriff fits us perfectly! I mean… if the figurehead of the ship isn’t going to be of me a Hippogriff is the next best thing :coleshadez:
I’m only moderately up myself I swear


Oooo, the Capricorn does cut a dramatic figure as well, though. And the reference to King Capra is excellent. The animals in that poem were symbolic of the guilds. If the connection between capricorn and Weatherwatch is an established one, maybe that’s that one we should consider.

The Capricorn’s horns, the Hippogriffs wings…it’s hard to choose! They’re both majestic.


We’ll carve your head on whatever figurehead we choose. Kind of Sphinx like.

A Hippolad. Or a Skycorn. :joy:


Have we considered…smaller boats on our boat? Like skiffs or lifeboats or something?

I’m imagining something out of Treasure Planet, like Jim Hawkins’ solar surfer. Maybe it’s not literally a surf board with a sail, but it’s something smaller and speedier, a craft to search ahead. or make a trip off of the Ascender’s main course, or just fly really freaking fast across the sky because it’s awesome.


Over in the Weatherwatch intro area, @Belladonna said, of The Ascension, that our ship was in San Francisco because she steered herself there.

So I’m reviving this thread to ask: Is The Ascension sentient?

Because that would be amazing. :heart:


So in the in-world roleplay we started on the Ascension which was steering itself when left to its own devices so… there at least it seems to be!