Guild Headcanons and Aesthetics

I’m a huge nerd, and I love the communities that can crop up around books, movies, mysterious and strange online mysteries, and the like. In some of those communities, Harry Potter and Divergent are the biggest examples that come to mind, people create amazing headcanons surrounding the lore of their subgroups in the community. We have guilds, and what I have noticed over the years is that the guilds are much less restrictive than some of these other subgroups. Loose umbrellas of ideology housed under one guild hall, communities based around Creativity, Compassion, Bravery… etc. The guilds have truly embraced their diversity, and its been amazing to watch. However, along with this every guild has in a way created its own culture and aesthetics. Based on the canon and the readers alike.
So I wanted to open the stand to everyone who has headcanons or aesthetics they want to share regarding their guild(s) or others!


From my perspective I don’t really think thornmouth has developed an aesthetic or culture yet :joy: We have our steriotypes like ever guild tho but they’re just generalisations.


Here are some sun guild Headcanons I have:

The Gossmere are known as being the guild of entertainers, and in Neithernors heyday the plains were covered in small wandering circus acts. Acts where traipse artists transformed into birds if they fell; or perhaps the lion jumping through flaming hoops is also the ringleader. They were known for being full of song and laughter, and people traveled far and wide to watch a Gossmerim circus perform.

Shy Weatherwatch are amazing. Because they outburst suddenly with “Lets go on an adventure” or "Hey, lets get lost in the city tonight."and you never see it coming because they are usually so quiet. amazing.

Flinter artisans are amazing because their magimystical abilities are so personalized to their trade. A furniture maker may use Artificers Whim to turn wood into leather, and an painter may turn watercolor to acrylic while it dries on the page.


Thornmouth aesthetic is just someone in a library on a rainy day reading a book in a lost language


Yesss, I live for thornmouth aesthetics.


I wish I lived the aesthetic it’s so difficult to find books written in lost languages


Old Grimoires are always a good option, lol!
I get what you mean though, I often wish I had the time to throw on a cardigan and go to a music festival on open plains :joy:


Personally I want a nice hoodie and a thick tome filled with knowledge


Might be silly, but has anyone played Monster Hunter World? The main social hub is Astera. There are many aspects of it that I can see be applied to a Balimoran guild house.

Astera looks like someone plopped a bunch of ships/airships onto the side of a big ole tree. The village is made from the hollowed out sections of the ships and you’re surrounded by nature. Jungles, cliffs and caves, and nestled right next to the sea.

There’s NPCs of course, walking around doing research and stuff. There are sections piled high with books and maps, a garden area to grow plants for potions and bombs, and cooking area to eat with your buds.

This is what I imagine a Balimora house to be like. Not just near nature, but inside of it, with wildlife and plants all around. But also massive piles of stuff that may or may not be in properly organized.

And we all look like a bunch of hippies and/or cult members. :balimora:


Oo, now this I can get behind! Astera is gorgeous, but now that you mention it it almost seems to be to be an alt like central guild meet up? The ships instantly said Weatherwatch (cause their guild house in Neithernor is a ship), but the there’s a forge, and the research centre… Gosh, now I want to write a a TMP/MH:W fiction…


That would be dope! I was conflicted on whether Balimora would be for or against the slaying of big monsters and wearing their body parts. :laughing:



Astera seems very Bali, while the floating airship we get to for the coral highlands would be VERY WW. any and all forts are Ebbies


I always imagine Ebenguard as being rather rustic, but in a good way. Like vines and trees growing intentionally inside of a building, not taking over but coexisting. a jack of all trades guild in the best possible sense, they’re the kind of group that you can stand in the middle of and scream “hey! Does anybody know anything about [obscure topic here]” and within two minutes have about half a dozen people flock to you.


Not gonna lie, it sometimes feels like the Mounties as a whole do this.

Like when somebody asked into the void recently about Harry Potter stuff and two or three of us were just there.

Then again I was @-ed for having nearly pulled the correct number of Hogwarts staircases out of some pocket dimension a night or two before…


From everything that I’ve read so far, that does seem like a fairly accurate assessment XD


Everyone here lives that. The issue is what KIND of obscure knowledge you want. Thats when you go to specific guilds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Seriously though, it’s rediculous. Do you need to know the history of Chinese kite building? Do you want to know everything there is to know about ships? What about airplanes? Watercolours? Serial killers? Arabic? We’ve got people for every oddly specific interest.


I just fell asleep while working on an art project, and I had the most wonderful Neithernor dream. I was in a wagon, which was filled with quilts of bright and deep colors. The wagon had a wind chime singing, but I couldn’t see it from where I was. I could see that no one was driving, but the wagon was being carried by some type of large furry beast.
I woke up right after that but it was the most pleasant dream I have had in months and totally scratches my Goss guild aesthetics.


Initially, I imagined this as a kids wagon, like the classic red wooden wagon. And it was honestly the most pleasantly nostalgic thing I’ve thought about in a long time


Omg I’m glad this thread popped up! I actually have some things from ages ago that I posted in the Discord but never made it to the forums for some reason:

They’re like fashion moodboard things?