Flinterforge Guild House

All the cool kids are designing guild houses, so we should, too. :laughing:

Peer pressure aside, I have actually been pondering this off and on. What sort of communal house/hall/space would Flinterforge have? Contribute your thoughts so we can engineer the coolest guild house ever (obviously).


Well, first of all: workspace galore (I’m thinking the whole basement probably). There’s definitely rooms for magiq experimentation, as well as rooms with tools and equipment for other sorts of work (I’m thinking 3D printer, laser cutter, and general woodworking tools and the like). Like most machine shops then, there’s an assortment of well-intentioned storage space that is rarely ever used or properly organized…which then leaks into the rest of the house. There’s a communal kitchen/pantry space that has a seemingly endless supply of coffee/tea and quick “college food” (instant noodles, protein bars, etc) for when you just can’t break away from a project but need to refuel. The Flinterforge house also has the best first aid room of the guilds. Closets full of bandages and immediate medical care for lab mishaps (though the big stuff still gets you sent to the Gossmere infirmary).

Edit: Having more thoughts, and I didn’t want to leave out other types of creatives…there would also be a room, probably on the top floor with big windows, that’s more studio space than workshop. There’s big tables for sketching and painting and other creative work. Some people bring laptops and others bring big notebooks full of plans.


Here’s some stuff I posted a while ago:

For Flinterforge, I’ve been thinking about it…and I think something like a Makerspace would be fitting?

At first I was thinking of almost like a blacksmith’s workshop, or maybe something steampunky, but the whole thing about Flinterforge is doing things efficiently and better than before. Having Ye Olde Forgery would be too anachronistic. In our time, they’d have everything top-of-the-line, better than anywhere else. Something sleek and modern.

So my image is just this big open space, there’s lots of tables pushed together - the kinds that have whiteboard surfaces. Honestly, whiteboards are probably everywhere, ready to have new, better ideas written on them. The whole building is just built to facilitate creation, and there’s different floors geared towards various fields - computer labs, art studios, garages - if it can be built, then the Flinterforge house has the tools to do so.

I don’t think there would be a sleeping area, at least not with beds and such, but there would be a napping space. Futons and bean bag chairs and such where you can veg out and take some time to recuperate your energy. But then it’s right back into the thick of things. After all, there’s only so many hours in a day.

As far as location - I imagine it would be somewhere lively, like a city. Somewhere where Flinterforges can see the problems people have in their lives so they can come up with ideas to fix them. And especially with cities being centers of industry, I think it would fit pretty well with the guild.


Whiteboards. Whiteboards everywhere. :laughing:

But yes, this all sounds amazing. I sort of see it as everyone having their own drafting space in the communal room? Like, you can chill with headphones on and work out your plans at your table, or you can bounce ideas off of everyone else and get inspired by what they’re doing.

I love the idea of having a napping space! I do feel like maybe there should be a few rooms off the main area with actual beds, just for those of us who want more privacy, or are wary of invading pranksters striking during our well-earned naps. (I’ve heard a lot of things since I got here about someone called ‘Steve’…I’m not sure if he’s ever gotten into the guild hall, but I’d rather be extra cautious.)

The pantry could be like a huge self-serve cafeteria, with magiqal coffees/teas, sodas, snack foods, cup noodle, etc. And I think, while The Day’s Work would happen up above, the basement could have some sort of entertainment or rec room, for those of us who want to do something more active with our downtime? I’m thinking video games, board games, maybe a pool table?

I think we three are all sort of going the same place: the ultimate Makerspace, plus amenities. :smiley: If anyone has more ideas, or name suggestions, I’ll be upstairs doodling Hermans on all of the whiteboards…


Hey, do we have a name for it? I think Vic suggested the name Flintershop a while ago, but it’d be nice to have a more formal name, in the same way Gossmere have Rhythm’s Hearth and Weatherwatch have the Ascension.


I tried to brainstorm some things, but it’s been really difficult because a) the space is so multipurpose, and b) it’s not a home or a resting place so much as a group workspace, and people don’t really do creative formal names for group workspaces, which is sad.
The only thing I’ve come up with so far is Maker’s Place, which sort of sounds like an ill-conceived pun on makerspace, so…yeah. Other ideas would be awesome.


Maybe not the most exciting, but The Forge sounds cool. We have a couple collaborative spaces near where I am…most are just named after the town though…


I agree with the name The Forge, also I always imagined the Forges as an archetypal intelligence that works with us rather than for us, kind of like Daeldus’s labyrinth, it grows and expands to fit our needs but doesn’t like getting rid of older parts in case we need them.


So, I can’t believe I never added my extra thoughts about the Flintershop here!

I also prescribe to the belief that the Flintershop is kind of sentient? The building itself has a kind of ‘soul’ or magiqal core that makes it an almost life-like structure. I see it in the same way as Hogwarts, how the staircases are always moving around and the paintings have sentient people in them. Except, instead of being random, the Flintershop holds the same working spirit as its inhabitants. It’s always working in the background, making little fixes. That squeaky desk table that is suddenly quiet? That’s the Flintershop. The leaky pipe that’s suddenly looks brand new? Flintershop. The Flintercat’s rusty leg is sparkling? Flintershop’s got your back, kitty.

Every so often, however, the Flintershop goes through a big overhaul in its layout. In order to be on the cutting edge of design, the best of the best (things like adding heating and cooling, enhancing rooms to be better suited for their purposes, etc), the Flintershop will have these periods where it works around its residents to make these changes, but it’s impossible for the shop to be subtle…so things get a little wild. I’ve actually been working on a story about one of these periods in time, and the way the Flinterforged reacted to it. It’s a once in a lifetime event for most Flinterforged, and those who experience it never forget the change.

Of course…the downside to all this is that we know that Neithernor is kind of a sad place. Everything’s worn down, like a grave almost… I don’t know if the Flintershop would be ‘dead’ because it is a building, but it would be very weak. The core would be almost in a resting phase to conserve its energy. Because the Flintershop needs magiq to really function, you know? It needs the Flinterforged to be creating to be really healthy. Since everyone’s gone… it’s been all alone, fixing the abandoned things until it couldn’t any longer…

Ok, I meant for this to be cute, but now I’m all sad. Brb, gonna go cry for a bit. :sob:


Casually crying about the Flintershop…again…still…


We have to go to Neithernor and pick up the pieces… Save Flintershop. :muscle:


That made me think of the Mindflame with no minds to surround it. Did it shine over the sea alone for a time? Did it wink out the moment the last person connected to it left? And is it aware of its condition and isolation? The irony of that is awful. The Mindflame used to shine over the sea of Neithernor showing ships and Thornmaw alike that they weren’t alone and now the Mindflame itself is alone, burning dimly for no one.


Here is a quick sketch of Flintercat, who is the shop cat that wanders around, keeping on eye on the Flinterforged and occasionally delivering messages from the Flintershop to the guildies. :grinning:



Reminds me of Flicher’s cat in Harry Potter :eyes: well his cat and him


Bahaha, I didn’t even think of that as I was drawing it, but I can see the resemblance! :sweat_smile:


But Flintercat is usually much nicer than Mrs. Norris. Except maybe to the mechanical bird. Or the shop vac.


Yessssssssss #Flintercat


I love this space already. The idea that the Forge or Flintershop is sentient is incredible. As you say if Neithernor is a grey place of somewhat slumbering death maybe the Forge itself has developed eccentricities in its isolation and would there have been Flinterforge that elected to remain and fade with the forge rather then leave it to wink out alone. Maybe the sacrifice and nature of those that remained echo in the forges choices when it remakes itself. As if sentimental to artefacts and artifice touched by its fallen?


I’m wondering since Flinterforge is a site of innovation and science or construction. A place for alchemists, artificers and craftsmen should the force be centred in a town; or remains of a town. Wouldn’t it make sense that like the ideal of the apple stores or google that it be a marketplace for invention I think it would maybe be connected to a heart of civilisation now crumbled away such as a market. I apologise if jumping the gun I’m still trying to power my way through the readings to catch up. I would love to see the Flinterforge shop returned to splendour. I hear its crafting again.


I know I’m a bit late but I saw the idea of calling it The Forge and it got me thinking about having an actual forge area in the house as well. As an avid blacksmith hobbyist it would be awesome to have such an area to make/repair any metallic magiqal items when and if the need arises.