Announcement - Neithernor: Reborn

Hi everyone!

The Day of Change is coming up soon (September 23rd), and to celebrate, we have a very special announcement.

With the in-world doors to Neithernor shut indefinitely, we wanted to find some way to keep the sense of exploration and wonder that Neithernor inspired in all of us alive here on the forum. So for the past couple of weeks, the leaders have been helping us play-test an in-world on-forum roleplaying experience that will allow you to explore the wilds of Neithernor and your respective guild homes as though the doors were still open.

We’re calling it: Neithernor Reborn

Our fictional “doors” will open on September 23rd, but until then, we have a project for you!

We promised that on the Day of Change every year you would get to decide what your guild homes looked like for following year. That way veterans and new recruits alike could help shape their home. So, with that date fast approaching, now is the time to get together with the rest of your guild and discuss what you would like to stay the same from the previous years, and what you want to change.

Soon, your leaders will give you a brief overview of what the guild homes have looked like in the past, and the direction we want to take them this year, but the guild homes should reflect the people who occupy them, so whether you’ve been here for three years or three days, your voice matters.

More info on the experience will come soon, but for now, we’re so excited to see what you come up with.


Below are the six threads to help shape and imagine each of the six guild “houses” to inspire and encourage you to create with your fellow guild kin.








Omg Neithernor is gone forever?! I knew we’d loose a lot in the changing of the books but I thought Neithernor would have been safe :colewat:

Though I am glad to here that the spirit of Neithernor will be kept alive here


I mean, indefinite isn’t forever; it’s just undefined! But it’s still super exciting to have something like this coming to the forums; I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for the Day of Change :deirdreexcited:


Excited to have our newbies help us add on to an already pretty big legacy.


oh I am HYPED. Excited to explore, and also to make a little home base ^.^


I think Neithernor Reborn is something really special and exciting to the community. I remember in the early days of discovering Neithernor everyone figuring out their place in this big wide beautiful world we had discovered. I can’t wait to see those places made manifest, and some new places from some awesome new mounties :smile:


Maybe our pretending to knock will get the doors to knock back again at some point. :ascendershrug:

Says the person who could knock in at one point and, true to form, managed to miss out on everything.


Thanks @Ashburn, yes. That.

I’ll say when the levels of pretending are enough. :cjtea: :smiling_imp:


To address your points, there are a LOT of considerations that go into every major decision we make. For Neithernor Reborn being in-world versus out-of-world some of the considerations were:

  • Giving another strong incentive to increase your trust level on the forum.
  • Now that Neithernor is closed from us narratively, new readers don’t get the chance to experience it. We wanted to fix that.
  • Introducing play into the Magiqverse. Shouldn’t magimystics be able to blow off steam and play, and maybe their pretend is part imagination, part memory? What if pretend becomes canon?
  • And what if by honoring Neithernor by creating new tales about it, even without having access to it, you could shape it, help it, or maybe even find a way back in?

As for the “verbal ninjitsu”, there is none. Magiq is pretty much gone. That’s why the doors closed. They no longer work. That’s why you can’t just wait for it to be open again. This is our way of honoring that place, and allowing new readers to experience and play in it even though narratively it’s been closed off.


Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:


I like to think of it is performing Figuration: telling stories to make more magiq so that we can get back to where we once were.


I’m so excited, my mind is racing with ideas! :star_struck:


This sounds like it will be really fun and a great way to explore the nature of magiq, especially in this time as magiq seems to be disappearing


Oooooh this sounds so exciting! It was a bit sad to think that I wouldn’t get to play in Neithernor, but this seems awesome!


I have a similar theory, @Augustus_Octavian. If we seed magiq with creative action, nurture it with our love of magiq, and protect it by not ‘harvesting’ any in spells, perhaps we can regrow what once was lost. I mean, there’s a multi-nation effort going to un-desert the Sahara going on right now, so anything is possible. (Gotta use those nature metaphors, the Balimora in me insists!)

Regardless, I’m really excited to get to participate in-world, even if it is in an in-world RP. I like RPGs, this is funness squared.


This is really cool since I got regular just a couple days after the doors shut.


It was real fun, but if i can be totally honest it felt too empty. There was too little to do, and too few interested parties. With this, i hope we can finally get the active group rp i was hoping for in the beginning.


this is going to be a fun ride. thats for sure.
and who knows. considering how the narrative shifts? we can see new things come on the day of change, and see some old things change.

im excited to see what this experience holds.


I’ve updated the first post in this thread with links to each of the guild house’s topics.

I can’t WAIT to see what you all come up with! :cjheart:


@CJB is there not gonna be an all guild hall this time around?