Neithernor Reborn-The Plains Await Us

Hail and well met, Gossmerim.
Neithernor Reborn is an upcoming forum initiative where we, as members of the six guilds, will be preserving the beauty of Neithernor through a cooperative storytelling environment. With the Day of Change approaching, it is time all the guilds begin imagining their guildhalls. Gossmere’s guildhall has seen much variance in its history, but here’s what we remember from the past.

The plains have acted as a kind of ancestral home for the Gossmere, who have traveled them semi nomadically in the various eras of Neithernors history. The plains lie in the North West regions of Neithernor. From what we know there is also some kind of structure at the heart of the plains. In the past it has been envisioned as a ruined compound. However, Augo and I think something more true to this new Gossmere would be more appropriate, and Augo has come up with the idea of a circle of stones and great hearth. A meeting place for all the tribes. The plains themselves have been dotted with smaller hearths, the gatherings of tribes and small encampments. There’s been a lot of comparison to bohemian aesthetics when it comes to our guildhall.

There’s so much out there to explore, but it is time we come together as a guild and reimagine the plains. Are there ruins, if so of what nature? We know Gossmerim have an affinity for making structures of reclaimed objects, how could these be presented?

We would love to hear your thoughts, Gossmerim!

-Oracle and Augo


Even amongst nomadic folk, there are still some who’d want to settle down more permanently, or places built to sustain heavy footfall. To weave together what once was works well for gossmerim, so the concept of renovating ruins is very nice…

I’m not sure how well this even fits, but for some reason, even though I know half the point of plains is that they’re flat , I can’t help but imagine a small traveller’s town built within a hill, a huge cavern in the middle with a huge window to the sky, sheltered from any harsh weather but still letting the light in. A warm place from which to view the sky. Places to rest built into the sides, hollows for taking a nap, soft, warm, magiqal lights dotted along mosaic walls, with murals and tapestries- Arts of all kinds filling every space. A bare wall is just another place to paint, or sculpt, or lean your back against as you sing and hum and rest. There may not be much space, but it’s warm, and the hearth at the heart welcomes all.

That’s just an idea though! My concepts might be a little out of the aesthetic?


I remember that at one point someone, I think it was Eaves, compared Gossmere to Hufflepuff meets Burning Man. With that in mind, I can’t help but think about how at Burning Man there is the temple, which is the central building, and then surrounding it is the encampments and art. Not particularly helpful, but something I found interesting.

EDIT: With the whole Burning Man thing though like… Often they will have these really elaborate and beautiful land rover things. I could totally see Gossmere having these, alongside their caravans and maybe a few Gossmerim even walk alongside them. I could totally see this giant beautiful structure roving across the plains with a whole tribe, or maybe several gathered around it. Kind of like Howls Moving Castle :joy:


Ohh, I really like that! The concept of a sort of festival atmosphere a lot of the time is rly sweet (though I’m a huge advocate for having calmer, quieter spaces available for folks like me as well) and having huge moving structures would make it easier for groups to meet up and see each other from afar, as well as for any lone travellers to find someone to guide them!


Totally up for quiet places, oh my Goss I’d go crazy without them. I think there’s plenty of room for both, and we can follow the bearing test’s example to find inspiration for the way of the guild I think? I remember one question specifically caught my eye, like going down to the riverbed to wash clothes or to gather around the hearth. The choice of socializing is still up to the individual.

As for having more permanent/semi-permanent buildings… I know ages ago it was discussed Gossmere having like seasonal camps? Maybe some of those have larger more permanent structures? What are the kinds of places would exist to a community that celebrates hope, community, and experience? We know that hearhs are of a special significance within Gossmerim culture, perhaps all these places revovle around some ancient hearths or something? I dunno, just spit balling here. @Augustus_Octavian any thoughts?


Yeah, I’m in dire need for permanent structures because (this isn’t very goss of me but bear with) I very much dislike travelling for long periods. Sure, a journey now and then can be fun but I need me a home base that’s consistent and unmoving. I’d imagine it’s also good to have permanent buildings as landmarks and rest-stops for the travelling, as well as congregations for meetings, celebrations etc so everyone knows where to go!!


@SabineBean I’m right there with you! I need stability as a base to my adventuring. I’m a homebody, though I do enjoy the occasional jaunt to unexplored places. Give me my warm hearthfire with a comfy, deep couch, and a book or my knitting.


Here are some prompts for locations, some are old repurposed ideas and others may be vaguer concepts for the sake of starting up further discussion :yellow_heart:

A fountain whose water is famed for it’s healing properties. It resides within a small grotto carved into the hillside, and the walls are painted with a dizzying array of animal and human arms, hands, and faces all reaching downwards as if to bless it.

A town of canvas yurts and cottages made of found things. Most buildings in it could, if needed, be moved. However, many choose to stay here or, when they do leave, only do so for a period of time. It could possibly be a location of importance, one the Gossmerim make a habit of returning to every couple of years. It’s pretty easy to spot, as colorful flags and kites can be seen flying in the air overhead.

A guildhall that could be packed? Like somehow one large structure that could be deconstructed and packed within several caravans when the travel times came. This could be fun because every time it needed to be rebuilt, it could be reconfigured slightly differently?

Obviously these are just some prompts and ideas, I would love to hear what everyone thinks. I’m working on finding some possible inspiration art online but, admittedly, there isn’t a lot in the way of traveling healer community/traveling fantasy rave.


Hi @Gossmere!

Sorry I haven’t had the time to write about this, but I’ve been thinking a lot about it, and I think the key here is that there is room for everything under the sun on the plains. Gossmere, by definition, is a confederation of diverse personalities, backgrounds, and interests . What brings us together is that we all know we’re stronger when we work together.

So maybe it’s not just one thing? We border Flinterforge to the east; maybe the hidden refuge @SabineBean is imagining is tucked in the foothills, ready to welcome any wandering tribesfolk that make their way by. Maybe the warm hearths and soft couches we all need to rest at are on massive wagons (like Oracle referenced), pushed by wind, pulled by magiq, or both! So large that sitting there, reading, knitting or meditating, you don’t even know you’re moving slowly across the plain (like a cruise ship, kinda).

I personally like @OracleSage’s other idea of a semi-permanent, pack-able structure, and I found this online, which I think is WILD:

I could totally see Gossmerim living in one of these for a season, a year, a decade, then simply folding it up and moving it where they’re needed. That’s the other thought I’d had - we don’t all have to move just for movement’s sake, for wanderlust alone. We move when we’re needed. We feel it, intuitively (Eraverane!). Maybe we move when the orchards need pruning in the spring or to harvest the apples in the fall, and in between we’re shepherding the Northern Rumentate herds. Maybe we move when one of the other guilds needs us to be closer to them for healing or to support them in some other great endeavor. Regardless, the movement the tribes make is with purpose, and if there’s no purpose, we’re happy staying put.

What do people think?


I think :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Yes yes yes. This is language to that innate feeling of the common drum we all feel, the pull to where we are needed. I think it represents us perfectly.

Also, that video is amazing!

Edit: I love the image of like… Let’s say a holy Balimoran tree catches fire and within a few days a small band of Gossmere huts pop up nearby and they aid in the recovery and recultivaton process. That feeling of the “many and the one”.


Okay, so with this if this idea is the direction we want to go what could some of the flavor be? Are the houses made of living linen? Or does the wood simply “know” how to bend and unbend itself due to choreomantic markings? The possibilities would be pretty unlimited, which is exciting.

And of course that also leaves things like meals around the hearth totally possible while coexisting with personal spaces and places like an infirmary tent.


So, I did some inspiration searching and here’s what I found.

And then I found this one image and it kind of gave me an idea, tell me what y’all think

But what if there was a small castle esque treehouse by the orchards. In my head I’m calling it The orchardary. Maybe it’s a place wary Gossmerim rest, and records are kept of the years harvest. I’m not sure if it’s practical to our needs, but it seemed like a neat idea.


It’s good to have places to provide important things like food and rest! We can live off land and trade, but some form of agriculture will help us for sure! It’s good for the more green-fingered or stationary folk to have somewhere to stay while they ply their crafts, so it sounds good to me!!


Totally :smile:I think it makes sense that some permanent structures are in places the Gossmerim tribes would visit most commonly. I hate to compare the two, but I don’t because both are totally awesome, but it kind of reminds me of Ren Fest. Like how, for the most part, the tents and structures can be taken down and moved but occasionally much more permanent structures are made. Like Augo said, I think the call of where we are needed is important. When Gossmerim prune or harvest, herd or explore, may have everything to do with the drums current beat. However, I am sure there are those who stay in these places of importance, or who seek to uncover their knowledge. These permanent structures would be our closest link to the Gossmerim who came before.


I’ll get some brainstorming, mood boarding etc etc going when I can, I’m up to my ears in ‘things I should have done a week ago’ right now, but trust me, this is on the list… I may be a character designer, but I love worldbuilding too! :blossom:


on the topic of renfaire buildings, most (or at least the handful I work) are built in a week or two of setup and lead to a kind of backstage un-built area where everyone lives. do you think it’d be fitting to have a kind of outside for visitors that’s more temporary and have a inside area for those permanent structures? kind of like an inner sanctum I suppose.


Oh, interesting. Do you mean like a big house situation?


I could totally see something reminiscent of the burrow from Harry Potter. Like a hodgepodged house that looks like it could fall apart at any moment, towering over a village of tents, yurts, and caravans.