Neithernor Reborn: Thornhouse

So the Day of Change is coming up soon. I know a few of you had been wondering what that would look like this year, and now it’s time to start thinking about it seriously.
Do you remember when CJ announced the new Neithernor Reborn roleplay? Well we’ve been figuring out the technical aspects of it, but we need all of you to help with the creative bits.
So for now, your role is to figure out what our guild house looks like. Previously, we had decided that our guild house would be a lighthouse on a stormy cliff, chock full of libraries. Do we want to totally change it and make it a sprawling mansion instead? A system of underground caves? A single bookshelf in a field? Okay that last one might be a little silly, but my point is, we can change whatever we want.
Or, we could just change the details. Maybe we don’t like the constant storm outside. That’s fine, we can scrap that. Don’t like stairs? Magimechanical elevator system it is. Is it too cliche to make the Mindflame into a literal fire at the top of the building? That’s okay too.
Ultimately, I just want our guild house to be a place we can all enjoy and see ourselves in. So please post any and all ideas in the thread below. Even if it’s silly, or you don’t think others will like it. We’ll all work together to envision our Guild House, and I’m sure in the end we’ll have something pretty cool to play with.


This may sound odd, but I really love the idea of castle kind-of like a cross between Neuschwanstein castle and Eilean Donan on a sea cliff (sorry, I’m not too flash with description), with the tallest tower being the home of the mindflame, and the cliff below filled with snaking tunnels, secret reading nooks and temperature controlled rooms for the really special books.
I do like the dark and stormy aspect though, it really serves to highlight the brightness of the mindflame far better than a lovely sunny day could.


I’ve always liked the lighthouse idea as it reflects the icon of the Thornmouth badge, but with the number of guild members at this point a lighthouse isn’t really spacious for everyone to gather there. I’m totally behind a huge castle though, and the mindflame could be an actual flame held deep beneath the castle in secret tunnels.


I would like to formally request an elevator for those of us who are, at minimum, nominally disabled. Please and thank you. :relaxed:


I like picturing a sprawling manor house with turrets and towers filled with books and books and laboratories and chalkboards


If we don’t want to keep the storm, as an alternate safety measure, wherever we pick could appear to be super run down and overgrown, but when you step inside it’s actually pretty sweet, similar to Hogwarts


And Thane’s house in The Paper Magician!


I like the castle or Manor looks. There could be a courtyard that holds the Mindflame in what looks like a water fountain but it’s fire. Or even a lighthouse-looking tower, as sort of a homage to the actual lighthouse, to house the Mindflame.


I really like there being a lighthouse tower attached to a manor or castle.


Yes, the lighthouse tower attached to the castle/manor house is a rad idea :smiley:
I really like the idea that the storm isn’t what it seems too…makes me think of Don’tgonearthecastle in Uberwald :rofl:


I like this castle-manor idea! Surrounded by walls/a gate that opens onto a central courtyard, with the lighthouse-esque tower in the middle of the building itself and an entrance into it (as well as other…wings? turrets?) opening into the courtyard?

I just want it to have a really dramatic silhouette :laughing:


Oh a castle/manor would be wonderful! Plenty of space for us all as well! We could have large windows that allow light to flood in on sunny days to sit by while we read. I also agree that having a lighthouse or tower in there somewhere would be nice. It is our symbol after all


"It started with a lighthouse, high on a clifftop surrounded by bramble and rose, but it became where the Mindflame chose to be kept.

Then came a time of troubles and the Mindflame needed to be kept safe from those who sought to misuse it, so the castle was built to protect the Lighthouse.

In time these troubles faded, and the number of the Mindflame’s tenders grew. Out from the walls of the castle they built the manor and its many wings, where they could live in comfort and peace. Here is where they keep their libraries, their collections of curiosities, and their beanbags.

The castle, no longer needed for war, is turned to research. Its solid stone walls are perfect for laboratories, safe from fire and explosions should things go … amiss.

The Lighthouse, now as then, and maybe for all time, holds the Mindflame, the beacon of knowledge that guides us all through the stormy days, and starry nights."

I got a little inspired. Please don’t see this as me setting anything in stone! I just love the imagery you’re all creating.


squeals with delight


Ooh i love that!


I really like the idea of the layers of the building styles.


I’m absolutely loving the castle overlooking the sea imagery, with the Mindflame held in a tower overlooking the ocean and a courtyard below for gatherings. Elements of old and new blending seamlessly throughout for a space that seems timeless, preserves the history of Neithernor, and still makes it easy to access the most cutting-edge resources for gathering and sharing knowledge.


So that seems really cool for the exterior, but what do you think the inside looks like? I haven’t heard many ideas for that yet.


Omg that is a fantastic idea! I love the layers of history you’ve put into it like a real building!!!



So this is some concept art I had on my phone from long ago for thornhouse interior ideas.

Personally I’ve never really thought that the thornhouse had one particular interior design but was just an organised mess if different styles from different time periods and different countries. I’ve also thought that it’d be somewhat of a maze that would guide you to the book you need rather then want. So you might be walking through a old English Victorian library and turn a corn to find yourself in a medieval Japanese library with scrolls instead of leather bound books. The thornhouse wouldn’t be organised in a sane persons way but in a very Thornmouth way so to speak.

(Edit: Oh btw only use my ramblings as inspiration as I wanna see what you new people create and not old geezers like me :older_man:)