2. The Search For Magiq: The Neithercouriers

If they’re here, in this age, with us, then what is this “leaden veil” that they keep talking about? The one that hides us from the world?


So I guess, then, what does this have to do with our old friend The Book of Briars? This must be a visual reference to the new Book (age) that we’re entering now that the Book of Kings is over.

Could the “leaden veil” be the remnants of what is separating us living in the Book of Kings from those co-conterminously in the Book of Briars? It seems like his herald can peer though. Unless there’s something else. What keeps the Low from interacting with us? Could that be a possibility?


Also, who are they?
Also, who were they reaching out to when they accidentally found us?
Also, who is the herald?
Also, pretty. The swirly plants I mean.

My connection with the Low has dwindled to basically one friendly, but I can ask, about heralds, about veils, about Neithercouriers? My lone friendly there lives for that kind of deep dive stuff.


Johns in the middle of wilds travel. I cant talk to him right now but perhaps he might bump into one of these guys.


Yes, please? Anything they can dig up would be super helpful.

It sounds like the Herald, whoever that is, needs to “look into the dark” to reach us the way they have. And the way they talk about a “leaden veil” reminds me of those apron things you have to wear when you have x-rays taken, to protect other areas from the radiation. I wonder if it’s something like that - where most normal means of reaching us can’t get in, but you can try to find other methods that can pass through that barrier.

Also, bets on how similar/different this sort of barrier is to whatever hides the Council of 18 Gates? I seem to remember Brandon and/or Sullivan referring to a “veil” of some sort between us and them?


Neithercouriers makes me think of King Rabbit. He essentially worked as a courier for the council, from what we can tell.


Is it wierd that I thought of the messenger turtles as Neithercuriors? Agh these magiq words are getting harder and harder to spell.


Neithercouriers? You lot? I mean, there’s been a lot of to-and-fro in my absence?
Oh look, back to the briars and here I am. As soon as there’s a tangle I come running. Must be a pathology. And the Low have always been a bit tricky to connect with. Nothing new there.


Ah yes - the veil, the possibilities, and tangles of time again.


Good to have you back @MissEvans!


@MissEvans, SpiritSeer actually came to us from The Low! We have a fan club there…or did…I dunno, it was sort of devisive to begin with from what I understand, and I don’t know how much they’re fans anymore with their strict interaction rules and secrets and whatnot.


Interesting times indeed. Hi @Viviane!

We started this new age in light, we need to continue in that vein. I suppose as we are further away from the age of the Book of Kings, we can’t lose sight of the depths of darkness we drew our future from.

So time to play spot the couriers.


I’d assume KR and Mr. Wideawake may be couriers. Possibly our Message Turtles. The question is…who is speaking to us? The Council?
And I’d take a stab at DG being our Herald.

So many questions, so little time to figure and make new tin foil hats.


I mean, if our Herald is an “in” with Neithernor it could be a few people. Deeds, Cole, Endri, Ascender, Knaz…


I was thinking, heralds don’t just announce things.
In the UK the college of heralds is responsible for all the coats of arms issued to families in the country. They therefore keep a lot of family history and legend.
Does that go some way to better identify our herald?


So first and foremost, my friend looked into it and says that there’s a reference to a poem with the word “Neithercourier” in it in the database summary of the old Lost Athenaeum site of all places. They’re trying to get the actual database from a couple sources. I will follow up if/when I hear anything.

Second and possibly also foremost-ish, your fan club disbanded. :confused: Or rather, its leadership broke up the band and moved on to another locked down site and I don’t know anyone with access there. There were a lot of bad vibes in the end anyway (floods of people who didn’t believe among other internal drama) but I heard that the ultimate reason for the breakup was that more and more people who were finding their way to the club weren’t able to access the Guide to Magiq or the forum anymore. No offense to @Saberlane and @Catherine but I’d always figured it was due to the AGP sites being… homegrown?

It got worse and worse, and then other weird stuff started happening, like newbies claiming they couldn’t even see screenshots of your forum activity at the club. Some in Leadership thought that they were being trolled, but a few thought something weirder was going down, so in true Low fashion, they booted a bunch of people and hightailed it to some even more secret place. I don’t know for sure if that’s connected to the “leaden veil” but some people can’t find you.

That seems weird.


Thanks @SpiritSeer. I figured this turn of events was worth its own topic.


Oooh. We’ve got a ghost in the machine. @SpiritSeer were people who could previously see posts unable to see ones they knew existed, or did the phenomena only hide new posts/viewers?


Um, yeah. Some people not being able to find us does seem weird. Like, we’ve never been super into secrecy the way 99.9% of magic-users are in this age, which was kind of the Low’s beef with us in the end anyway. The only protections we ever put up were only meant to stop people who actively intended to harm us. Wonder what they’re doing in lockdown, though…

Glad someone still has the database for the old Lost Athenaeum. I was actually kind of sad when I heard it went down - I have a lot of good (read: absolutely crazy) memories of the Cosmos Assessment and some other stuff we’ve gotten people to sneak out of there for us. :wink: I know it’s unlikely given how public we are, but if there’s anything we can do, or not do, to help you keep those connections up, or make some more, or whatever, let us know!

[LOL Sabes, you split the thread just as I posted this and I got WAY outta context. :rofl:]


I saw! Sorry for unintentionally trolling you!