Your Favorite Subscription Boxes

Hey fam! I’m curious about something - what kinds of subscription boxes have you guys tried? Which have you liked and what are you subscribed to? If you don’t subscribe to any, what are some boxes you would like to and why? Bonus points if you share pics of some of your favorite items. :cjsmile:


I tried the “entry level” (1 product) version of GlobeIn. Their niche is artisans in small communities, usually practical and household things. I think I had it for ~6 months, but I ended up stopping because there were a couple months in a row where the item just wasn’t something I saw myself using, and with one item a month, it wasn’t really worth it.

I currently have an account with OwlCrate, and I’ve gotten two regular boxes. You get one new release hardback (special edition) YA book, an enamel pin, and ~5 bookish items that come from fandoms related to the theme of the box. Some of it’s decorative items, some of it is useful things, and there’s often a consumable like a candle or tea or something. They let you know ahead of time a bit about the book and the fandom items included, which I really appreciate. They’re on the pricey side for me, so I’ve also been skipping months if the theme isn’t something I’m interested in. I’ve also gotten a special release Illumicrate box…their normal box is very similar to OwlCrate but they’re UK-based…I highly recommend if any of our UK mounties are interested in trying a book box but feel prohibited by shipping from the US. (For those who didn’t see, there’s a thread about my Illumicrate experience).

I’m very interested in trying something stationery-related. Stickii is a sticker one that I’ve had my eye on. CrateJoy is a good place to just like…browse for subscription boxes if you’re in the market for something but you aren’t sure quite what.


One box I’m really hyped for is truphae’s Inkcredible box. They have a 3 tier subscription, $25, $75, and $150 per month. In each, you receive a bottle of ink and a progressively higher quality pen, along with other stationery goods like pen sleeves and etc. You can specifically request certain brands you favor, and tailor the box to your preference (you only want ink and pens, for example, or you really like fancy paper but not pen sleeves). And the value of what you get exceeds what you pay each month.


I got a 3 month subscription to Page One books for Christmas and I’m looooving it (and dropping not so subtle hints to my mom to have it renewed for my birthday lol).

You fill out a form with your favorite books/authors/genres when you sign up, with the option to link your goodreads too, and then they send you one book per month (wrapped up in the box so you get to unwrap it like a present which is so fun) with some kind of literary goodie (I’ve gotten a candle and a mug so far) and some kind of literary postcard like the one we used in our insta from obvious state last week.

I love the handpicked, personalized vibe and I absolutely love unwrapping things once a month and it’s not terribly pricey (I think 3 months was $65?). I chose it over Book of the Month because it felt more personal and I liked the bookish extras.

I also got a birchbox subscription for Christmas which is fun but I’m less into it because I’m just less into makeup and beauty products and stuff (I’ll use up all the samples but will probably never actually order a full product). But it is a cool way to discover new brands and products, I haven’t looked at the pricing though because it was a gift so I’m not sure about that.


I had a men’s clothing subscription from Bombfell that I really liked initially, but my interest petered out after about a year - I started getting a lot of duplicate items, and would receive very boilerplate messages from my “stylist” which took away from the personal feel that I was paying a premium to have.

My only other experience with subscription boxes were getting my mother-in-law “Try the World,” a food subscription box with a monthly theme sourced from different countries, which she seemed to like (she is, however, almost inscrutable in terms of her level of enjoyment of things). I got my wife a chicken supply and paraphernalia subscription box for a year for mother’s day, and she LOVES it. They send treats and really useful first aid supplies for the birds, and some fun/funny chicken themed stuff for her, like a tote bag, a tin mug, a travel mug, a Christmas ornament and a scarf (yes, a scarf). She mostly enjoys the novelty of opening the box every month to see what surprises are inside.

Bombfell had a different model than most subscription boxes - you pay for what you keep and mail the rest back. Henny + Roo (the chicken box) is a traditional monthly flat fee.


I’ve done a couple of the myriad puzzle-solving type boxes. I have two from the Mystery Experiences Company, and one from Finders Seekers.
I’ve only actually solved the first of my MEC boxes, and it’s been a while since then, but recall enjoying it (I think this was pre-TMP).
The main reason I don’t continue with them is a combination of either not necessarily being interested in the theme and/or the monthly cost (about $30, which seems pretty standard for subscription boxes).

(And if anyone’s interested in poking around in my two unsolved boxes and being a second set of eyes, let me know and I’ll try to share useful pics)


I’ve had various boxes from LootCrate. It’s geek merch, some of the boxes monthly, some every other month, some quaterly etc. based on a theme per box. I normally get like one at a time depending on if something in the theme interest me. Price varies depending on the what you’re getting. Really good stuff in them, great for getting new geeky shirts to wear. Actually been waiting on their upcoming LOTR set of three boxes for a wihle now. They also have a companion site that sells off any stuff they have leftover from making each box.


I realized, through this thread, that I’ve actually only bought on subscription box? I’ve bought NatureBox. It was a long time ago, but I thought the serving sizes were pretty good and the snacks themselves were good, plus I liked that you got to pick and choose what you want. I ended up cancelling because it ended up being a bit too much food - once a month was excessive. :joy:

I’ve been interested in trying out Spooky Box Club because the products are unique and also stuff I could use. But I haven’t done it because it’s really expensive and from the UK, so shipping is gonna be real slow. I’m also curious about Stationery Selection Box because their selections are really unique and hard to get outside of Japan, but they sell out super fast.

As far as boxes I don’t like… I’d say art boxes I’m generally skeptical of? I always think of the box SuperRaeDizzle opened from Smart Art and had materials that were worth like half the price of the box and you could easily get from Michaels or Amazon. I’ve definitely seen better boxes, but I dunno… I’m persnickety about my art supplies, so I’m always reticent to invest in them.


I’ve tried the geekgear wizardry box, which was I really enjoyed at first, but got a bit repetitive after a few months. (also my first month never arrived and I did get a refund for it, but that was kind of weird too) I liked the house related items, but I didn’t care much for most of the t-shirts, as they were way too out there and bright coloured for me to actually wear.


My dad subscribes to Patch Club ( ). For $13 a month they send him an envelope with a random patch and a postcard matching the design and an explanation with the artists’ name on the back. It’s a huge variety. They’re rubber on the front with rough Velcro on the back. The past couple of months he has received an Aztec calendar, the Tasmanian Devil, Groot, and a hydra. He’s been handing them off to us, so I have the hydra on my hip bag, and @Soggie_Cookie has Groot on her knee brace.
I personally wouldn’t buy it for myself because I primarily wear smooth, shiny fabrics and there’s nothing for the Velcro to stick to. The rubber that makes up the face of the patch is rather tough so I don’t think I could sew through it to attach to fabrics it doesn’t want to stick to.The quality is great, though, and if you’re the sort of person who likes decorating your jackets and bags(and doesn’t wear primarily silk and leather), I’d say it’s worth it.

Edit: I stuck a needle through it a few times and it doesn’t seem impossible to sew to things.


I’ve done both LootCrate and LootAnime. Normally, I would be a major advocate for them. Their reasonably cheap and used to have great stuff. In recent years, they’ve gone down in quality alot. Using/buying cheap materials for clothing, jewlery, etc.along with cheap items.


Huh, I’ve never had a bad experience with them and have always found their shirts to be pretty decent quality. Yeah, there’s always some stuff in each one I end up having to find something to do with (like Freddy Krueger chopsticks…), but that’s just a thing with mystery boxes shrugs


I need this crate.


That looks really cool! I have some pins but I just can’t figure out how I’d like to wear them, so I’d probably have that problem if I subscribed to these lovely patches :’(


Oooh, thanks for mentioning this! I’ve been interested in the idea of a book subscription and I love seeing all the goodies people get in boxes like Owlcrate and Bookiebox, but they all seem to be YA focused and YA is so hit or miss for me. But Page One looks more varied. How has their book selection been for you?


You can let them know which genres you prefer and even link them to your goodreads if you have one! I got one more literary adult fiction, one fun YA, and one contemporary adult fiction and they were all three fantastic!


Were the books from Page One hardback or paperback? I’m interested in finding a bookish subscription box, but on the whole I’m not a huge fan of hardbacks unless they are the kind that don’t have dust-jackets.


As for my current subscription boxes:

My fave right now (I’ve only gotten one so far) is Lunarly. You get either a plant or candle themed to each month’s new moon. For this month’s Black Moon, I got a burgundy rubber tree plant.

I get the official Wizarding Crate, but I’m currently trying to decide if I’m going to keep getting it. It’s always really cute thematic stuff, but I’m reaching a point where I’m super picky about what fandom stuff I own and I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed at the sheer amount of “stuff” I have that has no real purpose.

I get the Sephora Play! box because, at $10, even if I’m not super hyped for what I get some months, it’s worth it for the 50 reward points alone.

The witchy subscription box I used to get just decided not to do it anymore, so I’m currently on the hunt for a good (preferably US based) witchy box of some sort. Suggestions are welcome.


Page One I got one hardcover and two softcovers! Lunarly sounds amazing I love plants and candles :heart_eyes: