You + Magic: The Definitive Explanation

One of the first questions new readers often ask is who they’re supposed to be on the forum.

Are they meant to play as themselves? As a fictional character?

The simple answer is this: the only difference between “forum you” and “IRL you” is your belief in and the existence of magic.

Many of our readers choose not to give their full names as their usernames for privacy reasons, but that doesn’t mean they’ve taken on a separate character or persona to who they are in everyday life.

We want to get to know you for you on the forum, so it helps if everyone is just themselves—cool people who happen to live in a world where magic exists.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with your forum persona being a little bit more aspirational. If you tend to be more introverted in real life but feel more comfortable and confident online, that’s great! We want you to feel like you’re bringing your best, most comfortable self to the table because that’s who we want to get to know. If that means it’s a little different from IRL you, that’s totally okay.

There’s no wrong way to be yourself as long as you are kind, respectful, following the rules, and having fun. That’s all that matters in the Briarverse.

But if you’re looking to explore the Briarverse as a completely new character, might I suggest the official Briarverse roleplaying game, Neithernor? :cjheart: