The Forum Rules

Here are the rules for both the forum and the Discord server. We’ve never had to enforce any of these here at the forum but felt it would be handy for you all to see the basic community guidelines which are essentially, be respectful and welcoming of everyone.

  1. Admins and Moderators have been given the responsibility to uphold the standards of the community, as well as these guidelines. If an Admin or Mod asks you to refrain from behavior that goes against the community rules either written or inferred, please listen.

  2. Please respect the separation between In-World and Out-of-World discussion. It will take new readers some time to get used to how this all works, and community leaders are here to help steer everyone in the right direction. If they ask you to move or amend a post, it’s only to maintain the creative and immersive environment we’ve worked so hard to build.

  3. This is a PG-13 community, which means that though the Briarverse is an adult fantasy series, there may be actual 13-year-old members. Please respect the inclusiveness of the community. Do not post anything considered NSFW.

  4. Politics, religion, and other “hot button” issues are worthy of deep discussion and debate. Somewhere else.

  5. Do not use language that could be considered racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ableist, etc.

  6. No self-harm or suicide discussion of any kind. (See Addendum Below.)

  7. Respect each other. This is a space where people should feel free to express themselves within the rules of the community, as long as the views expressed do not encroach on the essential rights of others.

  8. No antagonizing, harassing, threatening, or bullying of any kind will be tolerated.

  9. Respect newer readers and try your best to help them get up to speed if no staff are readily available.

  10. Respect staff members and community leaders. They are here on their own time. They are acting under the “WWCJD” mandate and are only trying to do the right thing in any given situation.

  11. Remember that this is an extension of Ackerly Green Publishing.

  12. No seeking identifying personal information.

  13. No alternate/duplicate accounts are permitted on the Ackerly Green forum or Discord server. All members are limited to one account for interacting with the community. Members will be given an opportunity to voluntarily remove alt. accounts. Refusal to comply with this rule will result in the alt account (this will be the second account made) being kicked/banned, and an official warning will be given to the member’s primary (first) account.

  14. Most importantly, this should be fun. Don’t make it not fun. :cjheart:

Addendum to Rule #6: No suicide or self-harm talk of any kind.

To clarify the Ackerly Green stance on this issue - Many in our community and outside it have been affected; some in our community have experienced a personal loss as a result of suicide. The loss of someone in our community would be devastating to us all. Because of this, AG moderators, leaders, and staff take this very seriously. Any statements indicating a desire or intent to commit suicide or self-injury will be treated as legitimate and the moderators will act accordingly.

Mental health is a delicate topic. We strive to make this a safe community. While most of the moderators in Ackerly Green have no formal training in dealing with suicide or depression, they are always here to listen. Please feel free and welcome to message a moderator or community leader at any time.