Yet Another Hogwarts House Thread

So, since this was popping up in some other threads, and I’m always looking for an excuse to talk about it*…what are your Hogwarts houses? How did you decide which Hogwarts house you belonged in? How would you compare Hogwarts sortings with the process of finding your Guild in the MAGIQ Guide?

*Read: I will almost definitely be ranting ferociously about Pottermore quizzes in this thread.


Omg it’s the return of the Sage & Smith Rantcast :tm:!!! :laughing:


To start this off - I’m a Slytherin (and a Flinterforge, of course). Growing up I was surrounded by people who insisted I was a Ravenclaw, but I didn’t totally buy that.

For various reasons, I took the Pottermore sorting quiz three times (two in old Pottermore and one in current Pottermore), and got every result except Hufflepuff. Interestingly, the all-questions Pottermore quiz sorts me pretty easily into Slytherin, but certain combinations of questions will put me everywhere except Puff.

I’ve identified pretty confidently as a Slytherin ever since. (I’m also a huge fan of the Sorting Hat Chats Tumblr system, if any of you want to check that out.) Plus, I feel like the Slytherin ambition complements the Flinterforge inspiration as neatly as the Hufflepuff work ethic.

Edit: @Rimor, not exactly. I do want other people to contribute here. :sweat_smile:


Rantcast with community phone ins!!! :laughing:


Back in the days before Pottermore made a official one, all the random quizzes out there would normally be either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.

Pottermore said Ravenclaw.

All-questions has said Ravenclaw each time (I think once it was as high as 93% or something like that), with either Slytherin or Hufflepuff at the bottom.


I’ve always been a Slytherin, even when I read the books as a kid. I think originally it was because I felt bad for the kids getting labelled evil at 11, but then I just fit into that house the best.
90% of the quizzes I’ve taken over the years have put me in Slytherin, with the occasional Ravenclaw result, if I get certain question combinations.


I got Slytherin twice on the Pottermore quizzes - once when the site was first beginning, and once when they rebooted it.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. I feel like I’m not invested enough in Hogwarts that what house I’m in bothers me. :joy: And I do sort of enjoy being in the ‘eeeeevil’ house. I’ve also enjoyed the fanon and extensions that have turned Slytherin into a house with depth, where it’s more about drive and ambition than being a jerk.


I’ve been a Ravenclaw since there were House quizzes and I really resonate with everything about that House philosophically and aesthetically, but their method of getting into their common room freaks me out to no end. Riddles and timed math tests are inextricably linked in my memory for some reason and the idea of being made late to a class because I couldn’t think fast enough for the door is paralyzing to my brain.


I can’t figure out how to take the test again with the new pottermore layout. I always assumed they discouraged it. Either way, I’m somewhere smack dab in the middle of Ravenclaw and the Puffs. Side character extraordinaire. I always flip flop between being super logical and physically putting my logic aside for the betterment of people’s feelings and opinions.


@Sorrel, I hear you. I’m just as likely to forget a password though, so maybe if you get a riddle and answer it creatively enough that’s better than just not remembering something?

@metatomato I should disclose, in all fairness, that I took the test three times because I had three different accounts: two in old Pottermore, one in new Pottermore, all under different emails because I lost access to the last one. Old Pottermore specifically forbid you from re-taking the test because of the way the house points system worked, and I think that restriction has technically stayed put.


I’ve always been Gryffindor (old, new, and all-questions pottermore quizzes…plus like, i feel it in my soul). And obviously here I’m Flinterforge. And like @Viviane I do feel like my house does tie to my guild (despite the obvious fact that we aren’t in the same HP house). My passion/enthusiasm for a project feels very Gryffindor to me, and starting a new project feels a lot like blazing a trail and (pun not intended) forging a new path. And like, sometimes I’m maybe just a smidge reckless about it (aka that time last year I bought a drill to build some furniture right at the end of “working outside” weather when I don’t have an indoor space for that kind of work so it’s just been sitting there guilting me :sweat_smile:)…which also feels very :lion:


I could probably tell the door a story about the riddle…maybe that would do well enough!


I am very firmly a Ravenclaw and when I saw the description of Thornmouth I was like “ah, yes. The Guide sees my Ravenclaw side.”
I feel the constant need to know about EVERYTHING and if someone asks a question I don’t know the answer to, I HAVE to find out immediately or it will nag at my brain for the rest of the day. Comes in very handy during Trivial Pursuit.


Pottermore has placed me in Ravenclaw, and most test/quizzes that I’ve taken place me there too. At least one quiz was about which two houses you were and it mixed Ravenclaw with Slytherin. I think Ravenclaw fits me fine but I can totally see the Slytherin in me too.


I’m a proud Hufflepuff!


There a few times I’ve taken the test to sort me into either Gryffindor or Slytherin but neither of those houses actually fit who I am tbh quite honest, and other times I got Ravenclaw (which I honestly kind of dreamed of being apart of lol).

But after taking it on the Pottermore site I was sorted into Hufflepuff and what the house stands for basically suits me perfectly and if I can say it also fit the mold of Ebenguard. Not to also mention I share a name with a Harry Potter character, Cedric Diggory which still gets brought up to this day, so it’s like I’m meant to be in Hufflepuff lol.


Oh, totally forgot to mention the guild part!

Naturally, as a Ravenclaw, I fully expected Thornmouth.

Of course it wasn’t until very recently that the Guide gave me anything but Ebenguard, and I definitely tried more times than I could count.

I think it was ultimately the line on the Ebbie page about possibly being someone who makes things for the purpose of inspiring wonder in others. Because I definitely pulled a reasoning very similar to that out of somewhere long before I ever found the Guide when I was interviewing for my current job.

And there is a line in there about pursuing knowledge, just not as prominently as with Thornmouth.


I’ve been sorted into Hufflepuff by every test. I definitely was resistant at first, but I realized that I didn’t have any idea what I thought I was. I’ve definitely embraced my house fully, now, though :joy:


I love being Hufflepuff! Newt Scamander and Cedric Diggory were Hufflepuff.


Growing up I never really did get into Harry Potter. ‘‘Twas many years after the film series ended that I got an interest in the boy who lived. ( More specifically after fantastic beasts) I took the test on Pottermore and got sorted into Hufflepuff. I wear black and yellow proud. Also the badger as our mascot is pretty cool. Always trusting fate, I never took the test again, nor did I want to. But the same applies to when I became a Flinter. No doubts here