Wiki: The Cloisters


The Cloisters was a key location in Fragment Four.


The Cloisters is a museum in Upper Manhattan, which specializes in Medieval art. The museum is split into four cloisters, the Cuxa, Bonnefont, Trie, and Saint-Guilhem, which were inspired by French monasteries. Art within the museum is grouped by period: there are Romanesque, Fuentidueña, Unicorn, Spanish and Gothic rooms.


The Cloisters were an important part of Fragment Four. After the Triplet’s Bridge mission, Sacha obtained materials hidden by Brandon Lachmann, which contained dates and names of exhibits in The Cloisters. Recruits noted that the museum held the Unicorn Tapestries mentioned in the Seven Tributes of Rochefoucauld.

Just as recruits figured out the significance of the Cloisters, so too did The Devoted. Reader sent a secret message to recruits, explaining that she was being sent by Sacha to retrieve the Traveler’s Disc, which was likely hidden within the walls of the Cloisters. A recruit rushed to meet her the next day, at noon, and Reader was successfully able to share the disc and the materials she had found. However, Reader’s partner had been secretly tailing her, thereby realizing that Reader was in cahoots with The Mountaineers. Despite this, the recruits were able to leave the museum with the disc and other information.