Wiki: Reader

Reader was a member of The Devoted, who became a double agent during Fragment Four.


Very little is known about Reader, aside from the fact that she joined The Devoted around 2006. Reader was a loyal follower of The Devoted’s cause, who became skeptical once she began to question their treatment of The Mountaineers. Although she does believe in using the evidence of mass memory loss, as well as evidence from the life of Brandon Lachmann, as a means of discovering the truth about magic, she feels that the Devoted have been infiltrated by another, more sinister group.


Reader first appeared in Fragment Four, after the second trial. Sending a mass private message to all Mountaineers, Reader reached out to let recruits know that The Devoted were purposely keeping materials from them and planning to betray them at the end. Reader returned again to share a document which the Devoted had hidden from recruits, noting that she couldn’t forward an email drafted by Sacha because the Devoted had “a couple savvy IT people who watch everything.”

During a mission at The Cloisters, Reader met up with two recruits and provided them with a disk and some materials that were at the location. At the last minute, paranoid of a betrayal, Sacha ordered Reader to go along with a partner. Believing Sacha still trusted her, Reader went ahead with the meeting, although she ended up being tailed by an operative from the Devoted, who took pictures of her betrayal. After the meeting at the Cloisters, Reader took better pictures, using a stolen phone.

Once Reader realized the Devoted were aware of her status as a double agent, she escaped from the Devoted, stating she would “be under a rock, far away from here.” Sometime after the events of Fragment Four, Reader reached out to friends still within the Devoted, learning that the group had disbanded. She sent a message to Endri, warning her that Sacha would most certainly never forget that the Mountaineers were responsible for her failure to connect with Brandon.

During The Day of Change, Reader popped in briefly to show her support, saying “I know next to nothing about magic, but I’m here for moral support. Go team 33.”