Wiki: Herman Pin


The Herman Pin is a metallic pin featuring the likeness of Herman the Hippocampus, created and sold by the original Ackerly Green Publishing, during the Book of the Wild, as overseen by Warner Green. They contain magic of an unknown variety played a significant role in The Ackerly Green Secret Society.


The following is Warner’s letter to customers who purchased the pin sometime during the 1960s:

Welcome to the Ackerly Green Secret Society
________ and as you know, elemental [materials] sometimes hold onto magic, and these pins, made of the rarest of metals, I’ve been told contain traces of magimystic energy. __________ and when the time comes, the pins may call on you to find what they have been asked to find __________ Something missing worth rediscovering. Further instructions are included within this mailing.


All you truly need to know is that this must be kept in the strictest of confidence. ____________________ The pin, its purpose, even your membership in this society, must be kept secret from those who cannot bring themselves to believe. But we believe. Magic is real, and it is up to us to seek it out, perhaps learn to use it, but most of all protect it.

Your friend and fellow member,
Warner Green

Saberlane found this letter when he broke into the storage facility owned by the original Ackerly Green. This provided evidence that Warner knew about the existence of magic.

Over the course of the Ackerly Green Secret Society, the Mountaineers also drew upon the magic of the pins to recover the lost memories of Woolie, a ghost from Neithernor who suddenly appeared in the Ackerly Green offices.

Many Secret Society members reported that the pin seemed to have a mind of its own, changing locations of its own volition, and even exerting a strange magical pull on the wearer that would lead them to a relevant location.