Wiki: A&L Printing

Publishing Company

A&L Printing was the rebranded name of Ackerly Publishing House. Although A&L printing was perceived by many to be a renamed Ackerly Green, it was actually the original publishing house owned by the Ackerly family.


After Warner Green distanced himself from the failing Ackerly Green Publishing, he secretly made a deal to go back to Ackerly Publishing House, which had been labeled as A&L Printing. The company attained massive financial success as a paperback printer, a direction in which Meredith Grey Ackerly had been unwilling to take Ackerly Green, as he considered it to be an artistic compromise.

Warner worked as a floor manager of the company, eventually rising back up to the top of the company in the 70s. When Warner died in 1978, Sullivan Green inherited the company, though his heart wasn’t in the business. The building the company ran out of burnt down in 1979, effectively shutting down the company.