When Were The Guilds Founded?

Here is a question I don’t think anyone has asked yet.
When where the guilds founded?
I could see Gossmere in Etruscan or Roman times.
Thornmouth seems Celtic to me
Ebenguard also seems somewhat Roman
Balimora seems like the druids of La Tene times.
Flinterforge seems like Victorian England. Kinda Steampunk.
Then of course Weatherwatch… They could be from anywhere.

Just some thoughts. Any theories? Or has this subject been spoken about and I just missed it?


Thought this worked as a discussion topic all its own, so have moved here :slight_smile:


Have any theories of your own? I’ve been digging and here are some ideas.

Thornmouth: Sumeria?
Weatherwatch: Nomads of Romania
Balimora has been established to be druidic

Gossmere, Ebenguard, Flinterforge still have me relatively stumped…


Ebenguard could very well be a guild thats lasted for quite a long time.
I’d say from the times of the romans/celtic times. maybe even greece. Possibly as a form of society from a warrior city-state such as sparta, and then finding themselves a better place within the roman empire/finding kin within the gauls and celts.

Having the ability to see the ends of things (see my interpretation of Grim’s Convergence), they would’ve known how to move around the bad.