Mountaineer Recap: The Week of November 27th

Originally published at: Mountaineer Recap: The Week of November 27th | Basecamp 33

Hey Mounties! Guess what?

We solved Fragment Five! Whoo Hoo!

Also if you remember from last week, we got secret access to the file and web server of a globetrotting magician and his assistant, Lauren Ellsworth, “LE.”

This week LE received an old journal and he asked her to scan the pages and upload them for him…

The journal is called The Monarch Papers Volume 3 and inside (along with magic symbols and half-disappeared pages) was a story about an eighth Unicorn Tapestry (history tells us there were only seven in The Hunt of The Unicorn series) and what happened to it when King Louis XII ordered that it be destroyed. And what happened to it after that is NUTS. I’ll just say the words entrails and heart reliquary are used. So go read.

DG updated and had lunch with someone REALLY unexpected. She’s also possibly expecting some things from her dad in the mail (thanks to her aunt in Ireland.)

Some really creative stuff is happening over at Itsuki’s Campfire and looks like we have a cool project that recruit @OracleSage came up with which I’ll email you guys about next week. Just saying now, get your crochet needles and knitting hooks ready!

I’m feeling better about this whole Ascender thing, swear. Thanks for everyone who wrote to check in… it’s all super good. I mean, it isn’t, but it will be yeah?



Of course it will be @Eaves ! We all deal with grief in different ways, you need time, we understand.
Remember, all your fellow Gossmere and recruits from other guilds are here for you and understand why your upset. Take your time, collect yourself, you are correct it will be okay.