Welcome Messages for New Readers

Hi friends!

CJ and I are working on putting together an email sequence that will gently welcome new readers who are intrigued about the books and the magiqverse, but might still be a little confused about everything that’s going on here.

So I thought it would be cool for one of the emails if, instead of having us tell them again “hey this is our website, sign up and buy our stuff,” they could get a welcome message from you guys!

We’re trying to get in their head and think about what kind of people they are, what part of AG interests them, what they might be hesitant about. Are they somebody who likes the idea of finding magiq in the world, but is confused about the in-world/out-of-world stuff and afraid they might actually be joining a cult? Or maybe are they somebody who likes the idea of joining a community and having people to talk to about books and other passions, but is intimidated by the fact that everybody seems to be friends already with a ton of shared history?

And then of course the question is, what do these people need to hear? What would have pulled you in, if you had just kind of stumbled upon us and were on the fence about getting involved? What would have given you that extra push to create your username and introduce yourself on the forum? You were all eager little newbies at some point – what would you say to someone who just downloaded TMP for the first time?


Ive already posted my own take on it right around when the book released. Dunno how best to do it but that was what id come to after some brainstorming


I was definitely also worried I had joined a cult at first.


As a recently joined newbie I would like to say that I really like a email sequence like that. It’s kind of hard to figure everything out at first and even though I really want to get more involved, it’s kind of hard to figure out how exactly to do so.


You have definitely joined a cult :smiling_imp: May the God Pharaoh forever shine his brilliance upon you


We all did. Sadly, even the Book of Briars seems to be fickle at its best, so I’d restrain myself before we introduce sacrificial offerings :joy:

I believe that a comprehensive statement on what the forum is about and how it relates to the Magiq Guide and the books themselves would be a good start indeed! Can’t wrap my head around this that much but gently guiding by a hand would help - the lack of it seriously impacted my contribution last time, before The Monarch Papers were released :slight_smile:


My advice would be to turn back now as only madness and tinfoil lies ahead! :laughing:


There are some really insightful posts here, thank you. And please keep them coming if you have more thoughts. It’s funny, when you’re deep in the creative woods (especially with AGP) it’s easy to overlook something as simple as “What is the forum for?”


you GUYS we can’t tell them that right away!! That comes after the blood oath initiation


Personally, I think it should come just prior to the branding ceremony, but I’m old fashioned.


I think it might be good to point people to resources. Like wikis and summaries and such. It’s easier now, since we have the book, but undoubtedly people will have questions. Especially about Secret Society, since that is a non-book entity.

Maybe advertising the discord might help, or otherwise explaining the relationship. There’s a lot of invisible activity that new members don’t see until they hit the right trust level.


I feel like at least hinting at that invisible activity would be really good, since the forum itself isn’t as active as for example the discord, and people might be afraid they are too late to join. When I just joined and saw how few topics had recent replies, I was worried about that as well.


Okay, so adding things that are mentioned in the Forum Primer to a welcome email as well, just to drive home some of the hidden and less traveled areas? Great point. Keep them coming!


I know this gets brought up a lot but some links to topics that are useful to those starting out. Low tier stuff that lets them get hooked, community initiatives (like the christmad exchange and mounty mail) to get them involved, and general information topics for when they want more. Maybe link the podcast as a way for those less able to read for whatever reason to be able to keep up?


I also think that explaining how the forum is laid out is important. Explaining that the purple topics are in world and in “character” where as green is out of world and you can let you’re metophorical hair down (or literal… you do you)


I’d say let’s people now that being confused at first is expected and provide them with he wiki and other material to help them. Just like a video game, the the “tutorial” is the biggest part of getting people to stay. You could, if you wanted to take the time, make 3 or 4 little mysterys that help introduce a person to TMP.


:raising_hand_woman: I totally came for the puzzles (and was a bit :laurencry: when BoB went crispy and took a bunch of pieces with it just before I got here), so I second this motion.


I’m not sure the puzzle solving would be as compelling for everyone if it’s not cooperative. I was excited to contribute to the puzzles because they were part of a greater narrative and community, and setting up puzzles as a tutorial could be more frustrating than intriguing (or at least it would be for me).

Honestly, the thing that got me willing to participate was the tangential, non-lore related stuff. I lurked for a week, signed up, and then side-stepped all of the narrative-related stuff for threads about Hogwarts houses and guild aesthetics. Once I had introduced myself around a bit in those topics I felt a little more comfortable getting into the narrative/puzzle/lore stuff.


Right. So. Community first. Lore and puzzles second. I’m feeling that.

I jumped in right as things were getting crazy with Aether and KS. So I got involved for the narrative and the game. But I stayed because of the community and the friends. There were a lot of folks who began participating in the TMP as a game, but left because (imo) they weren’t as connected to the other Mountaineers and so failed to form the attachment and interest to continue to interact. I feel it is important to get new folks linked to their guild mates and the social-creative aspects of the forums as soon as possible. Maybe by repping recent/ongoing creative projects and socially-lubricating parts of the forum.

I do like the idea of an ongoing narrative puzzle that only new folks get pieces to as they join, but I’m not sure how feasible that would be. I can imagine it in my brain, but logistics… you would know what you are capable of better than I.


Also, part of me thinks, and am not sure how scalable this is, but for now maybe people who introduce themselves on the welcome topic could get a short PM from their guild leader introducing themselves, because having a one-on-one hello that isn’t so “exposed” feels more personal, more friendly, and easier to get your head around. Even if it’s just to say “I wanted to reiterate “Welcome!” and if you have any questions or need help, feel free to give me a shout. Happy to have you here. Here’s a link to the forum primer!”