Welcome back! Here's a recap!

“Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver, the other gold.”

I’m really excited to see all the new readers joining the forums, and I’m even more excited to see some old faces rejoining our ranks! @MissEvans was looking for a recap, but I thought it would be good to make a big recap for anybody coming back (and that our new readers would probably benefit from some orientation, too!) This will be out-of-world.

Since the end of The Monarch Papers (and in-character the Day of Change and opening the Book of Briars), CJ has published our adventures in two excellent novels, The Monarch Papers vol. 1: Flora and Fauna, and The Monarch Papers vol. 2: Cosmos and Time. These are absolutely must reads and are getting great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads! We’re super proud of CJ, and us veteran TMP’ers are loving the nostalgia of reading them.

Since then, we discovered the Ackerly Green Secret Society, where we were brought to magiqal locations around the world by enchanted pins. There’s an Ackerly Green app on iOS and Android, which gave us clues when we reached our destinations. This narrative brought us along some weird roads, including saving a Neithernorian spirit we dubbed “Woolie,” learned more about him and his history with Monarch’s Mountain and the Silver, eventually reuniting him with his family in Neithernor. He briefly possessed Saberlane (CJ’s magiq in-world alter ego), and we did some magiq to save them both. We were also reading the journal of Avis Green, Sullivan’s aunt, living in the Book of the Wild and trying so save magiq as the effect that separated the Book of the Wild and the Book of Kinds took effect, and ultimately finding and opening a secret vault containing an “aliquary”, which is magiq in its purest form. I definitely left some stuff out, and the posts themselves are worth a read. They’re all listed under the “Secret Society” category.

Meanwhile, we’ve also been casting a 30 day spell, and in doing so, receiving messages from a mysterious but seemingly helpful entity/group of entities. We’re all trying to figure out what opening the Book of Briars at the end of TMP, the events of Secret Society, and these new messages opened via the 30 day spell have to do with the new age of magiq beginning!

In terms of day-to-day stuff, CJ hired an incredible new assistant, @Catherine. She keeps What’s Going on Right Now up to date, which is an awesome resource. AGP also formed a guild leadership group made up of volunteers to help organize stuff and come up with community initiatives. We try to do one a month, so keep on the lookout for some fun activities coming up.

AG+ & AG Papergoods just debuted; this is a monthly subscription service including stickers, bookmarks, etc and access to a monthly game night, which was a blast.

A great place to get re-involved is The Creationary category, where you can play around with your own creations (fan fic, mashups, etc) and we get some assignments from AGP itself to help out, like this alchemical symbols for the guild elements threat. PRSFNE is still up and running on the Discord, and is accessible with the appropriate forum Trust Level.

@CJB, @Catherine, @Leadership - anything I’ve left out that we think should be included?


Oh! The Cabinet (out-of-world) and the Guilds (in world) categories are also exploding with all sorts of cool posts from new readers, and definitely should be checked out. A lot to take in, I know!


Joyous! I’ll get the app, put the kettle on in the forge and then start asking how I can help!
@Augustus_Octavian Thank you!
@Catherine tell your boss I said “Hi Boss!”