Weatherwatch on the Day of Change

In the far western reaches of Neithernor, the light of dawn slowly breaks over the floating islands that the Weatherwatch call home. The Ascension drifts faintly in the morning breeze, pulling against the moorings that keep it at rest. Sounds of the ocean rise up from below as creatures from across the island, magimysts included, awaken from their nightly slumber.

This scene isn’t too different from hundreds of others in Neither: the sun rises from the west, as it does every day, and with it brings a new day. But this new day is special because it is the Day of Change. While time is different between Neithernor and the mundane world, the air hums with the power of the day. As the Weatherwatchers awaken and begin their day, they also begin preparations for the day’s celebrations.

Hello, @Weatherwatch! I hope you have all been keeping well despite, you know, the pandemic and all. As many of you may know, next Wednesday (23 September) is the Day of Change. It’s been a huge part of our community since 2017 when Deidre defeated the Storm. Because of the events of that day, we do our best to celebrate our victories of the past and look forward to what is to come. In light of that, I wanted to invite you all to think about how us Weatherwatchers might celebrate a momentous day like the Day of Change.

We talked about this idea a bit in our thread from last year where we explored what the home of the Watchers looks like, but we’ve never really flushed it out. Do we have a day-long festival with a sports tournament (of undetermined type - we’ve played around with the idea of a Weatherwath sport, but we’ve never been able to come up with on) or some other kinds of festivities? Do we spend the day cleaning up our airship fleet so that they are ready for the year to come? Do we just chill out and do nothing? In short, what do Watchers do on the Day of Change?

Please post your ideas below so we can explore them together! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


Oh! Clipper Carnival! Pinnace Parade! Flotsam Festival! (I’m terrible with name ideas!)

Each crew decorating their ship with magic, illusions physical things, people animals etc showing off places there been, things they’re found, things they long for. Then flying them round the main islands for everyone to see.
Food and drink available from every corner. Food from around the world but also a few special breads/cakes/dishes that are only make for this festival.
Old friends meeting on roof tops to get the best views, sharing a tot for missing friends, but celebrating life and company.
Kids flying around using temp anti gravity spells, chasing each other up trees and masts alike.
Speed and agility competitions for various craft sizes and also for spelled individuals.
Anti grav balls/dances in the evening, all lit by candles and fireflies.


I’ve actually been researching festivals lately, so this is right up my alley at the moment!
Fall equinox is always a time of food in my mind! Like @Sapphire said, I think having food from around the world/in travels as well as traditional festival food would be interesting.
Fall is also a time for remembrance and telling stories. While the ships are under repair and getting ready for winter travels (or flying ship dry dock, whatever that looks like), I’d like to imagine lots of bonfires and storytelling about travels over the past year or years! And it’s a good time to reshuffle crews, so if you find you want to go somewhere new and your old ship isn’t headed there, time to jump over to your friend/family/random stranger’s ship and take up with them for a while!


This might kinda slip into Flinterforge territory but what about having a massive Birdman Rally? Weatherwatchers from all over getting together to see who’s glider can take them the furthest :cjheart:

But we will definitely need to pull out all the stops for our DoC celebrations! The finest table cloths and second best cutlery and plates (I’m expecting lively celebrations and can’t risk the best plates :sweat_smile:)


I do really love the ideas of a sort of carnival, I feel like having different dishes/ways of remembering our adventures too would suit us well!


Hi guys! It’s been a minute. I’ve missed posting <3
Since Watchers are so often traveling and going on adventures, maybe the Day of Change is an opportunity to share those exciting stories with others.

I’m imagining groups gathering in taverns and mead halls, each taking turns to stand on the tables and regale their tales of adventure. It definitely gets competitive with people trying to one up each other, and particularly good bards are rewarded by their audiences with food, drink, and applause. Maybe the best of the best get a shiny gold cape or a cool hat that must be returned the following year and competed for again.

Maybe some of the stories are improv, made up on the spot and sort of passed around the tavern with each person adding the next part of the story until you’re left with an absolutely ludicrous tale by the end.

I like the idea of verbal storytelling and narrative showmanship as an important part of celebration.:slight_smile:


Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for your ideas! I liked them earlier in the week with the full intention of responding and then the days turned to mush and suddenly it was today. Sorry about that!

I really like the ideas you all came up with, especially with the idea of a carnival. I’m also partial to glider-related activities, but I like the ideas of food stalls, games, and just groups of people reuniting to share the year’s stories. While I think storytelling is an important thing for many of the guilds, I think that Weatherwatchers have a lot of time throughout the year where they are looking for ways to tell their stories in a way that is engaging for everyone with plenty of laughs, gasps, and moments of suspense.

On the tournament front, I’ve noticed that the Ebbies have also put forward the idea of a “Highland Games”-esque event. Are our events separate, or do we spend part of the day together, enjoying the day (or days? Time between the mundane and NN is confusing) with them and other attendees. Do we have a sport (other than glider racing) that we teach new guild members, or is there something else that you want to see? We can definitely keep this going beyond the Day of Change, but I figured I would poke this thread today for the holiday!


I like the idea of inter-guild competitions! It’s always fun to make new friends and then beat them at something (or get beaten).
For those who are unable to make it back to home port for the festival I like to think of them focusing more on the element of light. Lanterns, bonfires, stargazing, all of that. Staying awake to keep the lights on all night and telling stories, sharing food, and planning their triumphant return next year (or the next).
Is the magical facetime? The entire network of Weatherwatchers could light up for the festival and share stories and song together–and if not, knowing that around the world people are lighting candles, holding tournaments, and celebrating with you is always a powerful thing.