Walk in the Sand with Ebenguard

I love hearing all about your lives :cjheart:

To answer your question @Song_Cye my astrological sign is Pisces!

Yes I do improv and I’m in love!
So it was actually the first club I joined in the first week of university because a friend who also attended that university who was a year ahead told me this was THE club to join.
At first I was terrified of it, I was super anxious and doubtful of myself and my place in any sort of theatre, but it didn’t take long for me to realize I had been doing improv in different capacities already and that I maybe wasn’t the worst at it. Then it also turned out that the club became a family of sorts for me as well with so many interesting and supportive people that I’m still glad to call friends. That’s when I started to notice that improv was so incredibly useful in other areas of my life.
So I performed as much as I could, took any workshops I could, went to as many festivals as they’d allow me to where I discovered our university was actually really good at improv. There was a turning point maybe half way through my second year in a workshop, where I discovered natural and grounded improv and I fell so much deeper in love. I learned that improv could be its own form of serious theatre and could do a whole lot more than just make the audience laugh.
Now that I’ve become an Exec I’ve turned to instructing and coaching and I never knew I would enjoy it perhaps more than doing improv myself.

Oh look now I’ve rambled on, whoops :sweat_smile:
I can talk about lots of things that interest me forever and ever!

@Ashburn no! You’re ours! We like you, we’ve claimed you. No takesies backsies.

In all seriousness I’m amazed at your dedication to running, and just how much distance you can. It’s been a few years since I did any sort of cross country, and I miss it but also don’t? I doubt I could run a 5k anymore without totally killing myself. So kudos to you!


Oh, the vast majority is walking. And with final numbers in, I apparently contributed almost 93 miles since the start of the race (two weeks ago).

And I definitely wasn’t planning on jumping the Ebbie ship :itsukitongue:, it’s just nice(?) to know the Guide is realizing those traits are as strong as they are.


@Ashburn It’s great to see a Ravenclaw! (Finally!). I thought of myself being a Gryffindor since it is associated with the Fire element and Aries is a Fire sign, but after taking the assessment on the Harry Potter web page, I turned out to be a Ravenclaw. Well, Ravenclaw is known for their wit and intelligence (kinda like the magician type), which perfectly fits with the Ebenguard theme!

@Ginger Pisces people are super chill. I’ve known many Pisces people and never seen any of them being super mad about something. Improv did change my life for the better. Now I can be expressive in front of others without worrying about them thinking I am freaky and odd :raised_hands:


@Ashburn that’s still super impressive!

@Song_cye if I’ve learned anything from improv it’s to embrace your weirdness

Oooo Hogwarts House? I’m Gryffindor, but Hufflepuff is a close second


Hogwarts houses! I used to be a Ravenclaw, but I think when my Myers Briggs started shifting from an INTP to an INFP I got bumped over to Hufflepuff. Straddle that “Thinking vs. Feeling” line.



I’m also an INFP last I checked

There’s actually some older threads for both Hogwarts Houses and Myers-Briggs types if anyone wants to share in those for fun



I’m a new Ebenguardian here. Devoured TMP 1 in a day and super excited to get to know this community!
I felt really pulled in this guild when I read the part about :

But you’ve also wondered what to do with that sense of what is true and right in a world of gray that separates who you are from what you do. The truth is you may be a civic-minded advocate, gathering people to a noble cause.

I’ve been advocating for a while in the student and women’s movements and now life’s led me to be in charge of a non-profit, basically a food bank 2.0 . It’s made me wonder how many of us Ebenguardians here work in non-profit or are in advocacy groups? I’d love for us to chat together about our experiences walking that fine line between helping people our best while also dealing with bureaucracy. Please reach out to me if you want to chat about it!

Also, I’m all about Tides and walks on the beach so yeah! Although it would probably be more of a solitary experience to me and I would necessarily talk to people I would see. I’m an introvert (also a Gemini) and would probably just enjoy the scenery and reflect.


Ooohh I didn’t even think about bringing that up but yes! I started raising money through Extra Life Charity two years ago with my fraternity brothers in which we raise money for our local hospital’s pre-natal unit by livestreaming video games for 24 hours and accepting donations. It’s been an extremely rewarding experience, and now that I’m graduated I’m probably going to continue participating with other friends around the area.


I work and volunteer for a campus and community radio station which operates as a non-profit, and that has us working with lots of the other non-profits in our community to be able to partner on events and help give the community programming it wants and needs

Omg! My friends and I do Extra Life every year as well!


Reading everything that you have done is super interesting and it’s really inspirational how much work you’re doing for different movements! I am trying to get involved with more as I have always had the urge to help people but have never known where to start really.
I have just finished up volunteering for a mental health charity (I’m moving back home after uni) and I’m looking at volunteering for a charity for sex offenders. I am also doing my best to help raise awareness for LGBTQIA rights and trying to donate a bit and share resources with my friends about the current laws on abortion in Northern Ireland. I have barely done anything on these really but I’m really hoping to do more. Do you have any suggestions or tips on how to get more involved?


I just realised I could post in here so I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself! My name is Beth and I am a Hufflepuff through and through! I love cats and have a rescue cat called Bobby who I absolutely adore.

In my spare time I play D&D and listen to a lot of True Crime podcasts. I also really love drag and I love watching RuPaul’s drag race. I’m really interested in the art form outside drag race also and it is something I love reading about! I am constantly daydreaming all the time and tbh I don’t do many interesting things but I do ramble on a lot! I would really love to make some new friends here as I am quite anxious and I think this will be a nice community to go to when I need some space from everyday life! Reading about you all has been so lovely and I can’t wait to get to know you all!


@Emerald_daydreamxo Thank you for sharing, Beth (If you don’t mind me calling by your real name on here instead of nickname)! My boyfriend is also a HUGE fan of Rupaul’s Drag Race. He often pressures me to watch it, but there are just so many seasons to catch up, and I have other things to do :joy:. Whenever he watches the show on his phone, I can only hear the contestants arguing with each other, but that’s pretty much it!

I also see that you want to help raise awareness for LGBT+ rights, so perhaps you can reach out to the LGBT+ Resource Center (which I think EVERY university should have) and talk to someone there about getting involved in the public services. Your university, in general, is a great place to start with since it is more convenient for you to travel around and spend time there. Once you acquire more information about other organizations that do charity or volunteer works, you can seek out to them too. Hope this helps! :laurensmile:


I don’t mind at all don’t worry I usually just use the nickname as a tag name because I think it’s cute! Yes I love it your boyfriend has good taste! I just recently got my boyfriend into it and he loves it he’s even been dabbling doing some drag himself! I would say season 5 is the best season to watch that’s all you need! :joy:
I’m about to finish Uni but thank you so much I will definitely look into it! There’s a few organisations near me I think that even if I can’t volunteer I’d still like to support! At the moment I’m just trying to educate myself to the best of my ability and try and help educate other people on the matter. Especially issues that trans and non binary individuals face every day! I will deffo take your advice though and look into it more! I feel as if I should be doing more to support the community as people part of it helped me when I was discovering my sexuality. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me!


@Emerald_daydreamxo I heard something about a catto? :eyes:

Have you posted in this thread yet?


In my case, it just sort of happened to me. It started in school, being with like-minded people and organizing together. Then I when to university where I was in Women studies for a while.

Like @Song_Cye said, you can choose what’s the subject you want to address most and then look for resources around you (school is indeed a fertile ground for advocacy) and reach out to them to see what you can do to help. And sometimes, just sharing your personal experiences can help a lot of people!

What’s funny is that it isn’t through my volunteering that I ended up working for a non-profit. I was studying in nutrition, and the usual job is in an hospital or things like that. But the pull to help was too strong and I ended up giving cooking classes for people in need! :smile:


No problem, @Emerald_daydreamxo! Maybe you can even earn a graduation cord for being part of the organization in your university! I got the LGBT+ cord for being part of the LGBT+ family at my university’s resource center!

This is my boyfriend and I (wearing the gratitude stole and the LGBT+ cord) at the Lavender Graduation. :joy:


Your story is so amazing! Women’s studies sounds like such an interesting subject. Thank you for all of your advice!


That’s amazing I didn’t know you could be awarded in things like that! I think it would be a bit late for me to earn something like that because I finish on Monday for good. I’m not sure my uni does things like that either I’ll have to look into it!
Also you and your boyfriend look adorable together that’s such a nice picture :green_heart:


Thank you, @Emerald_daydreamxo! I think your uni should allow alumni to revisit the campus for this type of thing. :laurensmile:


I’m unsure how it is in different countries, but all of the university clubs and organizations have stipulations that they have to be open to the community. So if you’re staying in the same area after you graduate, it wouldn’t hurt to look into that