To those who bought the magiq guide and were led here

Hey! If you’re reading this, I assume you bought the guide and it led you here. Congratulations!

What you are about to read about is the product of years of amazing adventures and storytelling led by our leader, CJB. While I was only here for the last 3 fragments, I can personally attest to the contents of this forum and the legacy boards being a hugely important part of the game.

Before you continue any further, there are gonna be two places locked off to you. For now, you’re gonna need to post a bunch or be active for a while to get access to them. The first is our community discord, where you can meet me and the other original mountaineers, along with all of yourselves. The second is Neithernor. so, to explain that, we are currently in the middle of exploring the alternate realm of Neithernor, a magiqal, wonderful place that is continuing the story of the monarch papers. Time and space works differently there, and its an rp based seudo DnD system where you cannot use magiq to harm anything, but that forces us to get creative in our exploration. We hope to see you in there, but for now… Get aquainted first.

The forums id suggest starting on first, as its probably a bit overwhelming to slog through all of these, is #welcome-to-ackerly-green, where you can say your first hello, #tmp-fragments, where you can start on your journey, and, once you finish those, #tmp-exploration, where a lot of our side stuff took place, #community, which is an in-game initiative section, and #elsewhither, where you can get involved in our community.

Im not really the kinda guy you leave this topic to, but for now im willing to be that guy.

Welcome to ackerly green, from me and the rest of the original mountaineers. You’re one of us now.


Well said @Cj_Heighton!


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