The Road to Fragment Thirteen: Sullivan's Letter & The Chronocompass

Here’s where we can break down what Deirdre received from her father.


Ok, I’m a bit lost… Did Dierdre receive a new item?

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Still the same old items (journal from her dad and the Chronocompass) from her last blog post. But we made this to discuss it all, because if history tells us anything, this will likely stem into a bunch of other things resulting (hopefully) in the 13th fragment


This might be nothing, but does anyone else remember seeing the word “Neithernor” somewhere before? I can’t find it at the moment, but maybe it was in one of Brandon’s stories?


There were a set of 4 words that appeared when we solved each of King Rabbits 4 puzzles. The words were ‘Neither’ ‘Here’ ‘Nor’ ‘There’.

What that meant (if anything at all) , we never found out.


So maybe this ties back to that puzzle in some way then?


My reasoning says no, but then I have zero ideas of my own working out to find the thirteenth fragment so maybe?

If it does we’re at a loss. KR’s site is gone, and he hasn’t responded to us calling him out a couple days ago.

We have a chronocompass pointing to Gossmere (In my opinion.) when the picture was taken. Is that significant? Is it always pointing to Gossemere? Has it moved in the 4 days since the picture? Dunno.

We have a blank journal with a title page that says “The Monarch Papers: Neithernor”.

We have the letter from Sullivan. It says we’re supposed to reach out to the past. I don’t see anything else of value there, but I’ve missed huge obvious things of value before.

Maybe that’s an instruction to reach out to someone in our past. Maybe there’s something hidden in a site from our past. Maybe it’s just foreshadowing to something we have to do later.

I guess we also have the cloth pouch the compass was in? I’m reaching here. Time for bed.


I think for the time being, I am going to focus on the letter Sullivan sent Deirdre. Sullivan said himself the only things Deirdre (so by default, us as well) will need, are in that box. That leaves the journal/letter, and the Chronocompass. I have no sort of inkling about the chronocompass and don’t know how we would use it to go about getting more information. So I am going to look at the letter, and hopefully really dissect it… If there is anything to dissect.


If it has ties to King Rabbit’s puzzle, them maybe we need to contact him? It sounds like he might know what it’s about.


So this maybe too far off the beaten path and may not even be possible…but on the “blank” journal page has anyone considered maybe invisible ink or special form of ink that maybe hiding on or in between the pages somehow? Just a thought.


Going along with @Smurfette’s theory, unless someone actually has the page, which then go ahead and try it, if it’s on the computer, maybe try different filters and the like to see if something is hidden?


Hmm. I think the journal is blank for now because things will be revealed later. That’s how it’s usually gone with the journals, but who knows really. I like @Brendon’s idea of focusing back on the letter since that’s all we really have beyond searching for a hyperlink somewhere on the interwebs.


Perhaps if someone went into a closed dark room and spun around several times saying,
" @KingRabbit717 @KingRabbit717 @KingRabbit717 !" as fast as they possibly could, they’d be able to trigger a summoning!


I volunteer as tribute


First off I salute you @Skylad for being out willing tribute. o7 Secondly, we are still trying to figure out if the Chronocompass was pointing at Gossmere right?


By the looks of it not. Everyone seems to have ideas as to why it would be pointing at Gossmere, all of which sound quite plausable. I haven’t heard anything that might make Thornmouth sound like an option even though I’m almost sure that’s where it’s pointing. But meh, I’m new to this and went on some weird tangents with the Dawson site, so I’m willing to bow to the people who’ve found fragments before :slight_smile:


Here’s my attempt at putting the Thornmouth vs Gossmere debate to rest.

First, check out the Chronocompass design on the Fletcher Dawson site. Note that, within the design, there is already something pointing to each of the directions, looking like a ‘point’ of the sun. Here’s what I mean:

I believe this is the thing we think is pointing to Goss. It’s just hard to tell because it’s lined up with the silver needle on the compass, but the black thing is actually just printed onto the compass. It’s not a part of the compass needle. Here is an outline of the actual compass needle:

So my belief is that the compass is pointing to the southeast, or in the Thornmouth direction. I’m not sure if it means anything, but in case it does, there’s one argument for Thornmouth at the very least.


Is this compass pointing north or south? I think we would all agree that it’s pointing dead north.

If you look at the Chronocompass photo, the darkened part of the needle is pointing towards Gossmere. @Revenir, your highlighted photo can’t work because physically, a compass needle has to have two sides to balance it on a pin so it can swing freely. Also, I don’t think it’s part of the sun arms of the regular Chronocompass background, since it’s all dark and missing the 1/2 golden side seen in all the other pictures.

Can someone filter tbe original photo and see if 1/2 or 1 side of the needle is red? This will put the debate to rest.


I just think the black part that’s pointing to Gossmere is much thicker than the black part that’s pointing to Flinterforge in the NE. That’s why I think the gossmere piece is at least partly composed of the compass needle itself.

Just my two cents.

@Brendon and others looking at Sullivan’s letter. Usually in Sullivan’s letters there’s a nonsequitor or odd phrasing that catches the eye. The only piece I see that may be slightly out of the ordinary is the ‘daughter of your mother’ segment. But it seems mostly harmless.

Maybe the mention of the machine is meant to evoke what Ascender said about there being a machine out there? I think he said that anyway, I can’t find his ‘you are the mountaineers’ post just now.

I’ve read this letter at least 20 times now and I got nothing, but if I believe anyone can find it it’s you guys.


Maybe it’s not your regular compass, it might be a clock for all we know. Don’t forget chrono means time