The Remains of KS

What happened to the building KS was in when the whole storm hit? I would think the damage would be dramatic since Teddy was screaming and yelling, and what happened to the people inside the building? And did the storm spare us? I would have thought it saw we were active and not fully destroyed


I think the storm either thinks it destroyed us when it burned the Book, or hasn’t fully come. And I would like to know also what happened to the people and building. My guess is that they were completely destroyed when the Storm hit.


I think the Storm is well aware we made it out, but we dont know what happened to Marty or Aether, Climber, and Portencia.

The Council protected us, and that’s the only reason we are here now.


After a couple of critical listenings of the live stream (now that the adrenaline of the night and fear of the Storm for days/weeks following has worn off), I think Climber and Portentia went through the emergent gate. I think Aether did not, trying to do something heroic, and Martin went after him.


im pretty sure aether and marty teleported out of there with the others.