The Monarch Papers: Volume 3


So… an obvious comment: The symbols in the diagram represent the 4 elements.

I will see if I can read any more of the faded text


It looks like there’s supposed to be a sigil or something on the last page?
And the four elements on page 2 also line up with the usual direction they’re supposed to go in. Earth - north, fire - south, water - west, air - east. It also looks like a compass to me, honestly.
Edit: Also browsed through alchemical symbols and couldn’t find anything that looked close to the symbol on the last page, though the symbol for the alembic reminded me of it. I have the symbol drawn out on paper now, though.
Edit 2: i tried transatling some more of the page 6
The Unnamed Illiomancer

  • Painted the canvas sometime between late 1910’s and … (theres a d and an o/0, along with another hint of a letter I cant make out)
  • was English
  • in guild of cra/nra/can …
  • skilled in other … ts a …
    secretly a … in crt/cnt
    l … illiomancy
    taught? Pa
    In t

Likes like C sent Ms Ellsworth a response to her latest email.

Miss Ellsworth,

Thank you for your work in scanning the journal. Such a pity that these are the only pertinent pages. The text regarding Anne of Brittany is very intriguing, however. Some of us in the community are familiar with the myth of the lost tapestry.

I was hoping for rather more to reveal itself. The practitioner’s sketch, at least, might prove useful in our efforts.

Yours faithfully,

So I admit I haven’t seen a lot to look into here. Is it possible there’s something useful to us in that sketch?