The Age of Magiq Exploration

Hey guys, I have a kind of out-there idea so just bear with me.

I’ve been pretty overwhelmed lately with just how much we don’t know about our world, and the letter we just got back from the Neithercouriers both confirmed that and magnified it times ten. There’s so much that feels like it’s up for exploration and interpretation, like with the Guilds and their histories and affinities, but there are also a ton of smaller details that we know to definitively be true from The Monarch Papers and Secret Society, but tend to get lost in the crush of new information.

What I would love to do is to start opening some subjects up for discussion, so we can take what we do know, what we think we know, and what we believe, and use that as a starting point to ask more questions and maybe find some answers. When we come to something resembling consensus on a detail I will expand on the initial post, creating a sort of “canonized” current view of our weird and wacky world?

For starters, I’d love to nail down what exactly our universe really looks like, with what we know about the different eras being “Books” (Book of the Wild, Book of Kings, etc). Maybe it’s just me, but I’m finding the idea of living in some sort of multiverse increasingly difficult to visualize/wrap my head around. We know this “Book” is ending, and we know there was one that came before it, but just how extensive are those differences, and what will it look like once this Book closes? I mean, should I start doomsday prepping or is it something most people won’t even notice? I’m (optimistically) leaning towards the latter, but honestly, I have no idea and my grip on reality is steadily slipping.

So, Mounties, what do you think? Anybody up for some tinfoiling? :tinfoilhat:
If you guys are up for it, I can start getting something together in the next week or so.


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