Summer Update

I know it’s been a while since we touched base in the spring, and I’ve been meaning to catch all of you up on everything happening here at Lion’s Heart, but, well, there hasn’t been anything happening here at Lion’s Heart!

The castle is well. We can now send emails most of the time, though we find the solar batteries “accidentally” drained a few times a month.

Gav, Port, and a bunch of BC34 are in the field with Rasia’s siblings and older kids. We now have more veggies than we know what to do with, thanks to their help. Their village had some pretty destructive floods in early spring, and since we’re on a hill and have a surplus of land, they’ve moved their crops up here. It’s nice having them around more often. They stay for dinner most of the time, and on the weekends, we usually have a bonfire in the courtyard where Gav makes us try the fruits of his burgeoning micro-brewery. (Alajos, Rasia’s oldest son, is polite to Gav but is also secretly growing hops along the east wall of Lion’s Heart because he says Gav’s gruit is “lacking.”) I personally prefer Rasia’s pálinka, which she makes with cherries and plums and is sweet and syrupy and shatters sobriety in less than one mug.

It’s basically a dream. A life I never knew I wanted but wouldn’t trade for anything. Simple, safe, and magical in all the little ways that matter most. Like Helm’s Deep and Hobbiton had a baby, and you’d think that I had only ever read one book series.

Speaking of, Theoden is doing very well and is currently napping under the table after an afternoon trip to the gate ruins, where I watched him antagonize a bird for an hour or so.

Yuri is okay. She and some of the other adepts have been working on regaining the use of their power and understanding the new/old laws of magic without much progress. It’s been really tough on her. The other adepts kind of look to her as their mentor, not only because she had mastered her power, but her power was literally sensing the magimystic. I’ve told her that she can’t put all of this on her shoulders, but it’s obvious she has. We don’t talk much these days, but I can see it, the weight. She hasn’t been to dinner or the great hall in a couple months, and it’s been especially tough on Port. Yuri was her everything, big sister, best friend, especially with Ali gone, and the new age has hit them both, and it sucks that I can’t do anything about it.

So that’s the catch-up, but now onto why I finally sat down to write you.

An old broken wall leading off the south of the castle finally fell over a couple weeks ago, and we decided to use the stone to build a couple of outbuildings for storage. Today, in the rubble, we found something. Something that must have been in that old wall for hundreds of years.

A journal.

It’s blank, except the front page, which was signed by its owner.

So, any idea what our non-dead time-traveling friend Saberlane was doing at Lion’s Heart several centuries ago?



I’m glad you’re all safe, that Lion’s Heart is thriving, that Theoden is the best boy, and you’re all doing as well as you can given the current uncertainty with the magimystic.

But also


Saberlane did WHAT?


So, um, yeah.

Bringing it all back to Tolkien, “There are other forces at work in this world… [You] were meant to find Lion’s Heart… And that is an encouraging thought”


We’ve had experience with some other seemingly-blank journals… :tinfoilhat::tinfoilhat::tinfoilhat:


So let’s hunt for some clues.

@Eaves et al have been at Lion’s Heart for what, 2-ish years now?
@Saberlane is kind-of-sort-of back from the Great Beyond, after 2-ish years
Only now, after we’ve been informed of our fearless leader’s return, is the Lion Crew finding this journal.

And the letter Sabes sent us to announce his return includes this

What language do we need to un-blank the journal? Here are the places I can think of to start looking

  1. Lion’s Heart
  2. The Crimson Hall
  3. FODG - we’ve only got part of it (this would require finding @Reader)

That’s a great catch, @eternalhearts! I’m wondering though if we’re supposed to learn some secret language (is the language itself a secret or is it a secret which non-secret language is hiding at its heart? :face_with_head_bandage: ) how would we unlock this journal with it? Speaking to it, writing in it?


Well, we do have one thing that looks like a letter or glyph from FoDG …


Is it worth writing the glyph in the journal??



Do it

Write the glyph


We have a winner! The glyph worked!

Gav drew the character because I didn’t want to mess up the whole journal with my lack of artistic skills or even lousier penmanship. Nothing immediately happened, but when we opened it later, there was a note from Saberlane in place of the glyph!

Sorry it took so long for me to respond after. We got too excited and just started transcribing his message. It’s late here, but I want to triple-check that we didn’t miss anything before we send it over!


Okay, I think we got it all:

Please forgive any oddities you may experience within this notebook or in your exploration of its unlocking. This is my first magimystic codex, at least from your temporal perspective.

Did we ever learn what a codex was while I was with you? In those early years while I was the custodian of Ackerly Green? I’m not sure we learned the name, though we had our fair share of experiences with them.

A codex (sometimes called a magimystic archive or omnibus), in general magimystic terms, is a collected magimystic work that only fulfills its intended purpose when its often hidden machinations are accomplished. A codex may require assembly, decryption, changes of location or emotion, simply being read, or a more complex combination of all of the aforementioned requirements. A codex is a way for a magimyst, or a collective like the 18 Gates, to reveal something or bring about some kind of change, at the right moment, while hopefully in the right hands. A codex is also a way to exact change that requires more power than the creator of the codex may possess.

The Book of Briars was a codex, as were Sullivan Green’s journals. You might even recall the Shard City roleplaying game created by Brandon Lachmann. Another codex.

Sullivan Green was a talented and uniquely broad-sighted magimyst. The intricacies of the web he wove across the twentieth century to help the Council bring about The Book of Briars was nothing short of staggering. A feat I couldn’t imagine accomplishing on my own, though I played a small part in penning The Forest of Darkening Glass, with his help, of course, a codex within the machinations of several other codexes, including the one you’re holding.

I am learning so much and still know so little, but I trust in magic. I wish there had been more time in the Fray, but if I were to return as I am now, I had a relatively small window to do so before my connection to this world faded. Avis showed me what she could in the time we had, but I am getting my official magimystic training in the field, as it were, with the help of secret works and hidden sects, and helpful people throughout what you call the past. It is the adventure of a lifetime, of endless lifetimes. After losing a life’s worth of memory, it is a beautiful irony to have all the memories I can manage.

Apologies, I get ahead of myself.

At the time of this writing, I am not able to control where I’ll go next. I am adrift on the intent of the magimystic, but I leave things for you when and where I can, in times and places where I know you’ll be most likely to find them. I spent a glorious summer here in Oroszlánszív. But because of my temporal drifting and our yet unveiled enemy, I have to ensure whatever I leave behind can’t easily be found and deciphered.

I know you have countless questions, but I can only work so much into this magic. More will come in time. For now, you need to know that someday there will be a war for this age, and you are going to have to fight. We have only barely seen the true enemy, the force at the heart of the flower, and I have been tasked with helping you reveal them and preparing you to fight them.

For the time being, we have one advantage.

The lost language of creation. The language of magic.

And it is my intention and hope that this codex will set us on the path to learning it.

If Avis is correct, the language is a wonder unlike anything we’ve discovered and may even help us understand the workings of magic in this new age.

It may also be Hope and Illumination’s most formidable advantage in the war to come.

I have come back to help in any way I can, but for now, this season, I return in the hopes that I can help you find this language, learn it, and begin to understand how to wield it.

I know you’ll do your best, no matter what this notebook asks of you.

Be brave and trust in the flow of magic.
We are borne by its will and cradled in its current.


Hi, Eaves again. That’s the end of the message, but on the next page is this:

Sunshine, rainfall, or snowdrift.


Not sure how exactly we’d choose, but I ain’t choosing with all of you. Gav is bouncing off the walls, cause, well, magic, but I can barely keep my eyes open. I’ll check in first thing tomorrow morning and we’ll get cracking. :eaveshug: (aww, that makes me miss En.)


Well, it makes sense that Hope and Illumination would both be aided in the use of language.

The only thing that I can think of in regards to which option should be picked is that there is mention of a flower that stuck out to me:

…the force at the heart of the flower…

I don’t know if it has to do with this, but it’s weird phrasing, and the choices are weather related, two of which are requirements for the growth of plants.

We are trying to illuminate something in the codex, so my vote would be sunshine.

  • Sunshine
  • Rainfall
  • Snowdrift

0 voters

Here we go! I’m voting for the odd one out: snowdrift. I’ll leave the poll open for at least 48 hours to see if we can get a good cross-section.


I’m casting my vote for Snowdrift. Do I have any sort of reasoning for it? Not at all. Just the feeling that this is the one calling to me.
But by all means, discuss. We don’t have to rush into a choice or keep our thoughts secret just becasue there’s a poll (although it is convenient and I appreciate it Lex :cjheart:) its a great starting point.


I cast my vote for rainfall; although that’s just in part because we’ve been having so many rainy days in my neck of the woods. There’s something comforting about rain (even thunderstorms) to me that I hope we can get a little of it for flower’s heart!


I voted for Rainfall… only cause I’m a little Scorpio baby and I love water :scorpius: :cjsmile:
Also in Aus rainfall is not as consistent as it is in other areas of the world, so a little rainfall would be good for new growth


Okay, so I’ll wait until the poll Lexington created is closed and then… choose somehow? Should I circle one, or scratch out the other two, or maybe just write it in? I’ll check in when I can.


I voted for rainfall, too, just because I love “witch weather” when the rain is falling and the wind is high.


I’d suggest writing the chosen word; writing the glyph is what opened the Codex in the first place