Show Me Your Prettiest Books!

I want to see all of them. New ones, old ones, wierd ones, everything. Please make me jealous of your personal library.


This definitely fits into the “wierd” category. There’s a lot going on. The cover is neon yellow, the edge of the paper is bright purple, and if that wasn’t enough, the endpapers are teeth. I don’t know why it works but it does. I may be guilty of leaving this one out on the coffee table long after I was done reading it so other people can see.


WOW I love everything about this


My prettiest, oldest, and definately most favourite book has to be this one:

I can’t remember the exact date, but it’s over 100 years old. I found it at a car boot sale and bought it for like 20p. The cover is gorgeous, and the engravings are just… well, take a look (apologies for the picture quality, the book is at home so I can’t take better ones):


There needs to be an emoji for “my jaw is on the floor that is so pretty”


The cover is pretty plain but this shanty book my professor found and gave to me has some awesome illustrations!



Pretty Book #1 came in my February book box from Page One and I cannot wait to read it.

Pretty Books #2 and #3 came from the library book sale in my town a few years ago and I really want to take them somewhere to be like, professionally preserved because they’re absolutely gorgeous. Both from the late 19th century and the Gems of Poetry has an inscription dated from 1888 :weary:

And lastly, these 3 my mom picked up this year at the same library book sale at home! They’re part of a set of 6 but she said these were in the best shape. They’re primers from the 1920s that were used for home schooling, so they have a bunch of nursery rhymes and fairy tales and things like that. I’ve been meaning to bring them in for the AG instagram someday but they’re heeeeeaaaavy.



woah those red pages!! :heart_eyes:


At first I thought I didn’t have any pretty books, but once I started looking I realized I have a lot I really like. Most aren’t anything special, but I really love these myself.

For these two, I just really love the bright spine combined with the black cover.

The next two fall in the ‘I’m not sure why, but I really like this cover’ category.

These next two I picked up on a vacation in Korea because I had been meaning to read them, and absolutely loved the covers, as well as the pictures inside of the books. I still regret not picking up some of the other children’s classics in the same series (I think they had two more stories in English, but I didn’t know them and I was afraid my suitcase would get too heavy… Big mistake, should have bought them).

And this last one I bought recently, because the art was super adorable. I also really like how the books has a cotton fabric cover, and just an overall cutesy vibe. I bought it even though my skills in German are limited to say the least, but since it’s a children’s book I managed to read it anyway xD


Oh my goodness those are all so, so lovely. I love seeing the different covers for different countries’ editions too like for the Kendare Blake ones!


So I didn’t know that Philip Reeve had written prequels to Mortal Engines so as soon as I found out I bought the new cover versions of the The Fever Crumb trilogy and they look amazing!


Here’s the four new covers for the Mortal Engines quartet!


So, the first book isn’t necessarily beautiful but thought I’d share. My brother and I found it on a bookshelf yesterday. It’s a book I wrote and drew the cover for a school project in 7th grade.

The second set of books is a series I found a few years ago and I also just rediscovered on a bookshelf. I’m not one that normally rereads books but I think I might refresh my memory on this one.


Those covers are so fun!! And that first one is adorable. I’m sure my parents have saved plenty of those handmade books of mine too!



The Language of Thorns is a GORGEOUS book, inside and out! I loved how the illustrations inside changed as the story progressed.

I’ll take some pictures of my pretties when I get home.


A good one for Weatherwatchers, maybe?
(upload://oCYYkEOeQL6wAaS6pDp7Xucd1bS.jpeg) ![14|375x500]
This one (the HG Wells volume) isn’t traditionally pretty, but I like how it looks anyway. My uncle checked it out from the library when he was a kid and apparently never returned it (SHOCK), and it’s delightfully worn.
My pretties collection. All my other books are organized by category and then author’s name, because librarian, but ones that look especially nice get pride of place and go in the fancy bookend.


These are GORGEOUS I’m so jealous


I also have a specific place for pretties/antiques. As far as I can remember, all the Charles Dickens ones came together in a set, and a few of the others did too. There’s a copy of Jane Eyre that came with that one has been smuggled into my room and it’s basically mine now.