Operation Deeds Rescue

Created a seperate topic to discuss rescue Magiq.

Okay so just to calm us down and prevent us from running in circles.

The journal was found in the brownstone, where a window was smashed.

  • How did it get there?
  • We can assume Deidre had a hand in it due to the note at the back.
  • If she sent it there, in what way could she have that would also leave her trapped still?

Deidre’s phone and wallet were gone.

  • Those are things she would realistically take with her if she was going somewhere in the Mundabe world, so hopefully she has them with her.

We also do not have the Chronocompass so potentially no way to start a new fragment to the past, even if we get there.

She’s trapped in Grey’s apartment.

  • The door is locked which means it cannot be accessed from the Mundane world.
  • The storm has her surrounded.
  • If she could have found her way out, for example, by opening a door to Neithernor, she would’ve by now.

So, if she enters our world the storm will get her. If she can use technology and does, the storm will get her.

Cole is on his way to the Ramble, so it’s a waiting game to see if that gives us any sort of insight to how to help.

Lots of questions.
Are we capable of distracting the storm?
Is that how we get her out?
Is there something else we can do to put the storm to rest?
What Magiq can we do, that is big enough to distract the storm, or hold it off to get her out?
Also don’t want to say this, but if she does get out, will it just continue to come after her because she’s been to Neithernor? So should we look at eliminating the storm rather than finding a way JUST to get Deeds out? She’s at least safe for now.


An attempt at figuraration seems like a smart bet, a collective story in which we create a sort of flare of magic to distract the storm.


To me, if we do attempt a spell, we would need to focus the maqic result into an area so that it would create a beacon/flare that would hopefully draw the Storm’s attention.


If we wrote a story about the same place maybe?


Okay, so here’s my proposal. Everyone will read their favorite book outloud at exactly 10:25 est. While reading, picture the D.C. monument as the focal point for the maqic.


i like it, im amping it by also using the audio book.


So what we kinda went off before if we want to create a spell, was that a spell had at least three aspects and some random complications.

  1. Ritual Aspect

  2. Object Creation

  3. Six elemental properties. We need representation of all six elements which for reference are Light, Aether, Ore, Tide, Thought, and Wild.


Or we can do something totally new to us based off the information Deidre brought back from Neithernor.


What if instead of reading it we all write a line from our favorite book that is also tied from an element? That way there’s a creation aspect (the writing of the line) and also the guild aspect.


We don’t have much time. This is a good idea as any.


If we’re doing a narrative of some sort, perhaps we can tell a story of someone beating a storm. Weathering it. Not backing down.

Stubbornness and spite towards it, may catch the Storm’s attention if that’s what we immediately want to do as a sort of maqic flare.

EDIT: Didn’t see Rev’s post.


I really like that idea Rev.

Then, the more people the stronger it’ll be?

How do we focus it? Ground it?


I agree. We don’t really have time to debate ‘What-ifs?’ at this point… :cold_sweat: 5’s idea is a good idea, and with the adjustments I mentioned it fits all the aspects Ginger mentioned.


Cole should be the one who grounds it, if that makes sense. Kind of like how Marty grounded our other spell at Kemetic Solutions. Just his presence and opening the door should be enough. (Or that’s what we’ll have to hope for. We don’t have a lot of time)


That is perfect, my good sir.

Do we have a time we want this to all go down? We need at least six people if not more, right? The more the stronger? Do we do a hangout like other spells? Do we read over each other? Take turns?


Let’s get to it:

“He didn’t say anything, just put his head down on his desk, hiding his face in the crook of his elbow, and let the blood in his head throb in the darkness. The wooden desk was cool on his cheek. It hadn’t been a fluke, or a hoax, or a joke. He had done it. Magic was real, and he could do it.”- Lev Grossman, The Magicians.

Edit: also read it out loud. Repeating on loop after this edit.


We have six people in this thread, right? I don’t think we have time for a hangout, it’s too complicated to set up. We did the calling of the corners spell without a hangout, it should be okay.


“We the mortals touch the metals,
the wind, the ocean shores, the stones,
knowing they will go on, inert or burning,
and I was discovering, naming all the these things:
it was my destiny to love and say goodbye.”

Pablo Neruda, Still Another Day



“… The champions will be chosen by an impartial selector: the Goblet of Fire.”

  • J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Ok folks, we need Bali, Weatherwatch, and Thornmouth quotes. You don’t need to be from the guild, but it does need to represent those guilds. Volunteers?