Open Letter to Cole

Hey @CRSumner. Hope all is well.

I figured you’re not exactly keeping up on what’s going on. I thought you should see this. This was found in Sullivan Green’s third journal today. It’s about Deidre.

The absolute last thing I want to do is ruin something for you, especially after all you’ve been put through. But right now, Deidre thinks her dad was a sad, broken man who probably abandoned her. Well, I suppose she’s partially right, but he was trying to protect her. Most importantly, he hoped one day she’d know the truth.

We can’t tell her the truth ourselves. I assume it’s Sullivan’s ‘spell’ keeping us from it. But you’re special. I know that doesn’t comfort you, but you are. You can tell her.


And what happens when she finds out I’ve been lying to her the whole time? I’ve never felt this close to someone. Why do I have to be the special one again? Why do I have to be the different one? For once in my life why can’t I just be a regular guy?

I tried to stay away from here because this is so crazy complicated and being here makes it worse. What if she finds out everything and hates me for it? I know she’s going to find out someday. She has to. She deserves to, but she’s happy, for the first time in years. And yeah, I’m being selfish. It’s not just about her being happy. It’s about me too. You’ve always been a good guy to me, and I hate to disappoint all of you. I know this is important. But to me, how I feel about her, that’s important too.

And what if something bad happens if I tell her? What if it hurts her? I know firsthand what this stuff can do to somebody. The poem, the dreams… the traveler. What if she shuts us all out? What if she leaves NYC?

I’m tired of being the outsider Robert. I feel like I belong somewhere when I talk to her. When she listens to me.


First off, you could never dissappoint me after all you’ve done. You’ve done more than anyone. I offered you a chance to not read the minnying way back and I meant it. You stepped up because that’s who you are. We owe you.

I must point out however. You found her precisely because you are special. She likes you because with you she feels like she belongs somewhere too. I get the impression she doesn’t feel that way with ‘regular guys’. That’s because she’s special too.

I don’t know if telling her the truth will hurt her. I hope it doesn’t. Not knowing the truth didn’t prevent King Rabbit from chasing her through New York and steal her father’s pocket watch. And it’s not going to protect her if the person who holds this journal puts 2 and 2 together and figure out the owner of the journal had a daughter he loved very deeply and maybe left a few magical artifacts or journals to.

Whatever you do, we got your back if you need it and we’ll just keep doing our best. You do what you need to. All we can ask is, if you won’t tell her, at least protect her.


No matter what happens, she’s safe as long as I’m breathing.


Cole… I know this is hard, but I would like to ask you to think very carefully about keeping this from Deirdre. Trust me when I say founding a relationship on secrets is only going to cause problems. Like you said, it’s likely that she will find out some day, and it’s up to you to decide how you want her to find out. The longer you keep this from her, the harder it’s going to get. Really consider the possibility of letting her in on at least some of this.

Whatever happens, I sincerely hope things work out for the best for the two of you. No one can know how Deidre will react if she does find out about all the magical goings on, but she certainly seems like a tough woman. She’s managed to deal with a lot of weirdness in NY like a champ, and I suspect she’ll be more accepting than you might think if you do decide to fill her in. Either way, we’ll be here, and we’re more than happy to help you in any way possible.


If it helps, I did have an idea how to start off.

Her father used to read this story to her, she mentions it in her blog. Here’s a copy of it. She might like this reminder of her dad in a happier time and it might help broach the subject. Baby steps.

AntAndTheCaterpillow.pdf (53.8 KB)


Great idea, @Robert.


If I brought her the book her father left for her, a book you guys worked to find, maybe I could tell her parts of this and have a chance at saving whatever we have. A peace offering?

She deserves to know. I think I have to be the one to tell her. But it has to be the right way. And it can’t be all at once. I don’t think anybody could handle that.


Cole, sorry I’m having a dense moment. Which book are you referring to regarding ‘the book her father left for her?’ You mean the journal Laureen currently possesses that talks about her?

Hey, if it helps you guys, we’ll get you whatever book you need.


In the page you posted at the top he said he had to hide the book and hopes it calls to her. If that’s what’s at the Morgan Library, (yeah, I’ve been following along) and we find it, I’ll take it to her.


So once we figure out where to find the book at Morgan Library, you’ll go get it for us, share whatever is in it, and then give it to Deirdre? I think that could be a very good idea.


Yep, that’s the plan.