Mountie Pen Pals!


Hey guys! So, I posted in the cabinet to gauge interest, and it seems like quite a few of y'all would be down for some snail mail fun! Because of that, I thought I'd make a topic to set things up and kind of explain what's going on in further detail.

What is this?
Pen pals are pretty much exactly that! They are two people who send each other letters in the mail, getting to know each other in an analog way! In recent years, pen palling has become something of an art form, where people use drawings, collage, and paper craft to make beautiful envelopes and letters. However, at its core, pen pals are just two people who write letters to each other, and it’s up to you how simple or complex you want that experience to be!

How do you participate?
So, the main thing is to post in this thread saying you want to participate! Then either you can PM someone else in the thread or wait for someone to PM you, and exchange contact info.

In addition to posting that you’re interested, I would also suggest telling a little bit about yourself? Things like:

  • What are your hobbies?
  • What music do you enjoy?
  • What are your favorite TV shows and movies?
  • Do you have other interests?
  • What is a fun fact about you?
  • What is your favorite thing about the MAGIQ-verse?

What are some examples of things to send?
Here are some examples of things you can send (in addition to a letter of course! :wink:)

  • Washi tape samples
  • Travelers notebook inserts
  • Collages
  • Drawings
  • Photographs
  • Postcards
  • Stickers
  • Origami
  • Tea packets
  • Pressed flowers
  • Friendship bracelets

What are some examples of other people’s pen pal adventures?
Here are a list of people who blog about their pen pal adventures:

You can also check out the tags Penpalswanted, Penpals, and Snailmail on Instagram!

So, with that out of the way, post below if you wanna be pen pals with a Mountie! :smiley:


Am obsessed with this idea. Might I suggest doing a once monthly mail out (to keep pressure low and involvement high) and using something like this so you’re randomly given a pen partner? Thanks so much for this awesome idea, @Revenir!


Hey everyone! I’m hoping to take part in this! So a littke about myself first; I’m a 19 year old college student who majors in Pre- Veterinary and Western Equestrian Studies. I enjoy horse back riding, reading and writing stories,and photography to name a few. I listen to pop, country, electric, and classical music. Some of my favorite TV shows and movies include Flying Witch, Merlin, Lord of the Rings, the Bourne series, and Star Trek. A fun fact about me is that even though I live on the city, I own 6 dogs and 3 cats. My favorite thing so far in the Magiq Universe is learning about all the creatures that inhabit it. :grin:


Glad you like it, CJ! :blush:

Hmm…So like, we would do something where you get your penpal assignment on, say, the first of each month and then you have until the 15th to send it out? We could definitely do that, and then people can reach out to others in the thread if they want to send more letters outside of the monthly organized dates.


Love that, so that way there’s a bit of structure but you can also send to whomever/whenever…


Hey guys I’d like to participate as well. I’m a 22 year old Texan. Been hosting for two and am also the assistant to the event coordinator at the Mexican restaurant I work at. I’m currently doing schooling for Event and Wedding Planning. I listen to all music except religious. I’ve extremely diverse with my movies and tv shows I watch. I used to horseback ride for five years. I was a techie all four years of high school and even got to go to Scotland’s International Fringe Festival with my troupe after I graduated. I’m extremely excited to get to know more about all of you and hopefully drivel more into our world as well!


I am so down for this!
I’m 22 years old, of the feminine persuasion, and live in Northern Minnesota.
I am going to college for Social Science Secondary Education and History. I may minor in American Indian Studies or Women and Gender Studies. I am really involved in the Queer Straight Alliance and the Native American Student Alliance at my college. I do a lot of mentoring for students who are either incoming freshmen or are in college readiness programs.
I really enjoy camping and canoeing. My favorite holiday is either Thanksgiving or Easter.
I love science fiction and historical fiction.

I am a Balimouth polyguild. My favorite part of the magiq-verse is all the amazing lore (but mostly Steve).


I think this is a great idea and I would love to take part in this! So a bit about myself:

I’m a 19, soon to be 20, year old male living in the North East of England. I have just finished my Foundation Degree in Applied Animal Management and will be starting my Top up to a full BS (Hons) Applied Animal Management Degree in September.

I work as casual and evening bar staff in the college’s student bar and I work in the zoo attached to my college to complete my work experience hours.

I listen to a variety of music such as country, indie and rock. My hobbies include reading a wide range of books, Latin, hiking, camping in the UK and photography. I’m not really picky about films and TV shows. Fun fact I’m from a large family with lots of pets.

I am a Thornmouth and I love all the rich lore and complex puzzles in the MAGIQ-verse.


Alrighty I’m in.
I’m 18 years old and live in Alberta, Canada. My plan is to become a nail tech, so I’m saving up for training at the moment. My hobbies include nail art
(obviously), origami, paper making, embroidery, and really whatever I find interesting at this moment in time.
My favourite movies are Neverending Story, Labrynth, the Tenth Kingdom, (all those outdated fantasy ones) my favourite TV shows are Star Trek, Supernatural, Bones, and Firefly.
I listen to just about everything. I was raised on 80s rock and country but now I also listen to indie, kpop, and jrock. I’ve started getting into metal as well (I blame Wagakki Band) But I don’t know many bands.
I love learning about things. Everything. I love knowing things and will research the heck out of something until there’s nothing left to know. I find mummies and burial traditions fascinating, but it’s totally understandable if you don’t want to talk about that. It’s macabre. I get it.
I’m a Thornmouth. I love the community here. It encourages cooperation and acceptance, and seems to attract my favourite kind of wierd. I love that we can expand on the lore ourselves, and wacky headcannons are encouraged and even celebrated.


Id love to join in.
I’m 17, Female and live in Michigan, I’m still in high school though i plan on going to an art college. My hobbies include drawing, painting and watching anime.
Although most people wouldn’t realize it I enjoy hard rock, heavy metal, electroswing, Folk, and whatever 2 steps from hell is.
I watch mainly anime however I have been trying to find the original Doctor who.
I enjoy learning about Myths and legends, Dragons, And have been thinking about going to cons,
I’m a balimorian. I love the fact that you never know whats happening until you get back on the form. I love the constant excietement that i get whenever I get on.


Me too, me too!
I grew up in the midwestern US but have since relocated to Washington, DC. I finished my BA in English literature last year, and I still love to read although I mostly stick to sci-fi and fantasy nowadays. I listen to almost any music and am always looking for recommendations. Lately I’ve listened to a lot of acoustic indie folk, classic blues, and early 00’s alt rock.
My hobbies, in no particular order, include: sewing and yarncraft, audio drama podcasts, PC gaming, tabletop RPGs and board games, writing, swing dance, and flow arts/fire-spinning.
My favorite thing about the MAGIQ-verse is what a spectacular tribe it seems to have attracted; you all have made me laugh out loud on public transit (trust me, this is a feat worthy of mention), and the product of everyone’s combined heart, talent, and imagination has not ceased to amaze me.


Hey, so just to let everyone know what’s up:

August 1st, we will have our first pen pal assignment. Since this is the first one, I’m gonna assume everyone who’s posted will be interested, but let me know if you don’t want to participate in this round.

You will have until August 15th to send out your letter to your pen pal. Feel free to post when you’ve sent your letter, or take pics if you’ve decorated your envelope (blocking out any names and addresses of course).

On August 18th, I’ll make a post asking who wants to participate for the next round, and then we’ll rinse and repeat for September!

Beyond that: If you see someone who sounds cool and you want to pen pal outside of the monthly mailing, feel free to send them a message!


Ooh, this is interesting!
I’m 17 and live in Alberta, Canada. I wanna be an art therapist, so after I graduate I think I’ll look at online classes. Um… My hobbies are writing, painting, drawing, reading, anime, archery, and Netflix. I can’t really pick favorite movies and TV shows. There are too many options, and I’m really indecisive.
As far as music goes I listen to everything.
I am very much a researcher, thanks to all the stuff I look up for my millions of stories. The community here is really great, and I’m glad Sel introduced me. Everybody here is super cool!


I’m in!
Names Oracle (Kinda) I’m 15 and I’m based in Pennsylvania. Goals are… Well basically CJ. Wanted to design ARGs since I was about twelve and joined my first one. I’m a writer in training and hoping to move to NYC after my senior year.
Hobbies include: Writing, Args, Pressing flowers, fashion, charity, traveling, and most recently D&D.

Musically I’m kinda depressing; I listen to every genre but I’m really into sadder indie songs and the occasional dance song.

Love y’all<3


So I figure I should probably add in my own intro. xD

I’m Rev, 23, and currently trapped in the center of a crop circle somewhere in the midwest. I have a bachelor’s degree in CS but had a bit of a change of heart and am pursuing technical theatre instead. For my hobbies, mostly I draw, sew, do DIY crafts, and very occasionally write. I like all kinds of music, but probably my favorite is old school punk and postpunk. My favorite movies change regularly, but right now my favorites are probably Baby Driver, Closet Monster, and Gladiator. TV shows… I have a soft spot for some kind of out there stuff, like Lost Girl, American Horror Story, Hannibal, and True Blood. Other things that interest me - the supernatural, horror, folktales, point and click adventure games, and cat memes.

My favorite thing about the MAGIQ-verse…how hopeful it is? Like the fact that anyone can learn magiq if you set your mind to it, it’s not some kind of inherited thing that’s exclusive to certain people. That’s really encouraging to me, and as much as I love everything about the MAGIQ-verse, the message it sends will always be my absolute favorite thing.


I positively love this idea!

I crochet alot, as in I make slippers mittens and have been working on a blanket. I also like to color and Draw.
I enjoy pop music, you know the “trendy” stuff, and some old school too.
Favorites for movies and such, doctor who, Steven universe, any of the marvel movies and so many animies it would take forever to type them all!
Fun fact, I once forgot to put flour in peanut butter cookies and made a peanut butter death valcano in my oven.
The best part of the Magq universe is that there is so much to learn and discover and theirs always more and more to find!


This sounds pretty cool!

I am 19, originally from CA but going to college in the Midwest. I am currently planning on double majoring in History and Classics with a couple [or three] minors (People at my college have done it before, so I know it’s possible!) I work as a library clerk and will be joining the fire department in the next year.
I am in an Irish music ensemble, so that’s pretty much what I spend most of my time listening to. I love writing, art, reading, and hiking. I do calligraphy and am trying to teach myself like 40 other subjects as well. I love TURN, as well as Rick and Morty, Lord of the Rings, and a bunch of others!
I also have an invested interest in maritime history.
A fun fact would be that almost everyone I know thinks of me as an old british man, which is weird because I am 19 and female…

I love the MAGIQ-verse because of the elaborate puzzles and creative world-building.
I am Thornmouth.


Hey guys! Just a reminder that assignments are in a few days. So, if you want to join in and haven’t posted yet, now is a good time. And if you’d rather not take part in this iteration, feel free to post as well. :blush: Can’t wait to get started!!


I’m super in!

My real name is actually Ginger, shocker, I know. I’m proudly Canadian.
Hobbies would imply I have the time to actually keep up with them, but I will list them and interests I have anyways. I really love the fine arts: painting, sketching, theater, music, dance; ya know the works. I really enjoy reading as well as writing. I love airplanes, flying, marksmanship (shooting), military history. I’m really into the scary outdoors, I would have to be to put up with over five years of wilderness survival training, right? As far as sports, I played/competed/like volleyball, basketball, and biathlon. I’m a huge nerd and ummmmm I don’t know.
As for music, I will listen to pretty much anything. I’m not even bluffing. I volunteer at a radio station and I’ve encountered some rare stuff.
Favourite tv shows? I don’t keep up with too many shows these days. I guess The Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, Once Upon a Time. I WILL FOREVER LOVE THE OLD X-MEN CARTOON AND YOU CAN FIGHT ME. Movies oh boy. I will always love war movies, most recently Fury, and I’m a sucker for a musical or a Disney movie.

Interesting thing? Probably that I’m a jack of all trades if you couldn’t tell, or that I do lots of things while simultaneously not having time for all of them?

My favourite thing about the Magic-Verse is the encouragement to explore, no matter what area it’s in.



Ok, so technically I should be posting this in 5 hours, but it’s close and I’m excited. So, consider it assignment day! :grin:

Here are the pairings for August:

Since there were an odd number of people, I took on two of you guys. But in the future, if y’all want to volunteer for a second, just post here and I’ll add your name twice in the event of an odd number of Mounties!

Now that you’ve got your partner, you guys will need to contact each other via PMs and exchange mailing addresses.

Mailout day is August 15, so have your letter in the mail by then!