Minecraft is Coming to Ackerly Green!

Originally published at: Minecraft is Coming to Ackerly Green! - Ackerly Green

We’ve mentioned this a few times before during our Community Hangouts, but we wanted to officially announce here for everyone to see that we have been working on an Ackerly Green Minecraft server, which will be ready to play in June!

We’ve been working behind the scenes with our friend and fellow Mountaineer Mike to create a fantasy Minecraft version of Neithernor, with areas to explore for each of the six individual guilds, and an All-Guild Hall that will act as a starting out point, as well as a meeting and trade hall! 

Our leaders are currently helping us play test and stress test it, and then it will be available to all members who meet the requirements for Trust Level 3. The reason we’ve decided to limit the server to TL3 is to ensure everyone carries the communal, cooperative, and kind vibe of the forum over to the Minecraft server.

That said, we’re hoping that by announcing this a few weeks ahead of time, it will give everyone who is interested in playing enough time to reach and maintain TL3. The best way to do that is to continue checking in on the forum, reading, observing, exploring, and meaningfully interacting with the narrative and with each other. If you’re not sure how to find your trust level you can click here, and if you’re looking for a breakdown of each trust level and their requirements, click here

We’ll keep you all posted on the exact launch date, but we’re so excited to explore Minecraft Neithernor with you! 


Looking forward to this. I’ve been playing minecraft with my 6 year old daughter a lot lately. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’d be nice to build something without coming back and asking ‘why are my cows on fire?’ A community build with adults would be pretty interesting.

And yes I know I’m a Balimora and some number of cows will be set ablaze…but it probably won’t be every time.


I am soooo excited.


I’ve never successfully gotten going with Minecraft. But I will make an exception now. What an awesome idea!


I’ve always wanted an excuse to get into minecraft but had never quite found the motivation… looks like that’s about to change! :deirdreexcited:


Yeesss, give me more reasons to play Vanilla Minecraft.


I’m excited!! I only recently have finally been able to play minecraft, so that’s exciting to me! Is is going to be bedrock or java? I’m not sure if the two work together or not :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:


Bedrock and Java don’t work together unfortunately. Our server is on the Java version, so sorry console fans :frowning:


Phew, I’m glad I have java then, sad that they’re not compatible, though ;; :blossom:


ope. Well, shoot. Im back down to member, apparently? AND my pfp’s gone and done a runner on me. Guess ill get back to browsing.


I am so excited


Quick Update:
We’re making some changes to trust level requirements (post to come!) and also adding our Minecraft server whitelist to the forum and Discord’s permissions so the server will officially launch in mid-June, which will give us time to make those changes and test them out. But I can’t WAIT for you to see the world!


Eyy… maybe ill get in then xD


I’m exceedingly excited, nothing is better than getting on a VC with a bunch of friends a building a village together. :>


Very excited! I gotta grind to trust level 3 now so I can do cool minecraft stuff in the magiq world


Just and FYI that the current Minecraft Server will be closing by the end of the year to make way for a new server that will allow both Bedrock and Java players to play together on the same server (basically, you can join with whatever copy of Minecraft you have, console, PC, mobile, etc.) I’m so excited to be able to open the doors for everyone to play together! I’ll post updates in the new year!